Date: 22nd December 2006 at 3:21pm
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Good to see the club continuing to try to bring the crowds back. This time I’ve just read a club email sent to those registered called ‘buzzing about the hornets?

The offer is aimed at Season Ticket holders and gives us the opportunity to bring up to six friends (yes, I know, for me that would be tricky!) for a fiver each for the Watford home game on January 20th, 3pm kick off.

The offer is limited to the first 1500 tickets, if you want further information, call 0871 423 8101


6 Replies to “Have You Got 6 Villa Mates?”

  • I haven’t got 6 friends who support Aston Villa who I hang around with I used to have 2 but one now supports Liverpool and the other now supports dare I say it Birmingham City

  • when does the half season ticket start as all my mates have brought them if its after the watford game ill bring in them

  • Christo, that is a shocking revelation?!!! 1/2 season tickets are for now aren’t they, not sure which game but got to be soon surely?

  • The club deserves every plaudit going for this latest attempt to drag the stay aways back into the stadium.

  • If someone wants to bring me along ill be your friend 😀

    Its a good idea though – especially considering that January is a tough month for those of us with wives that like to shop!

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