Date: 26th July 2018 at 10:23am
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So as you know, Aston Villa’s new owners, Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens, were at Villa Park and Bodymoor Heath yesterday taking in what they had purchased and starting to look at the job in hand.

As a member of the Fan Consulation Group as I reported the other day they had promised to engage with the fans. I hadn’t expected it to be quite so quickly though, as we were called in yesterday to talk to their representatives at Bodymoor Heath who wanted a first blush at engaging with the fans. We were told there was an off chance we’d get to say hello to the owners but the crux of the meeting was talking to their reps.

It was a good productive meeting, they wanted to listen and engage, not talk over us fans or make ridiculous promises that we’ve heard before (again and again and again) but never seen delivered. It was actually very refreshing because over the years I’ve sat through far too many one way dialogues, this was as it should be, a two-way conversation.

So that side of it was positive and I’m sure they are genuinely engaging, not just ticking boxes.

Then, sure enough, in-between meetings and going to the friendly v West Ham, both Nassef and Wes came in to say hello. They spoke of their pride at becoming part of this great club and how they felt they were custodians of this fine place.

I chipped in as to how special the club is that they’ve bought – it was clear they knew, they’d been to Villa Park, how could they not see how special the place is!?

It wasn’t a lengthy meeting where we could start to ask about Grealish, FFP, budgets etc and with respect, they are only just through the door, they have much to do before they can communicate that sort of thing. Nothing they said to us, isn’t already out there in the video clip below and also their initial quotes on the official site when they took over. I’m saying this because I don’t want a thousand questions asking about what we weren’t told!!! Although there is a tongue in cheek forum thread where I am answering the questions!!!!!! New Owners Said To Be Excited To Meet The Fear

I must say though, I’m really pleased we are putting behind us the Xia era and feel very excited to see two assured, calm and very professional people at the helm. I have faith we will not be looking at crisis management all the time. I actually told them that we’d never really had a calmly run club before.

They’ll no doubt have a bit of time looking at what needs to be done now and then communicate their plans. This wasn’t more than hello, happy to be here, we respect the club and the fans.

Watch this space…. Feel very positive about this, I liked their relaxed style.

Onwards and upwards Vital Villans… I am very excited by this journey, no matter how long it takes to get back to where we belong…. the top.

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