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A great post by The Yank in our Steve Bruce Forum Thread (contains adult language!)

It’s clear the man is not the man to lead Villa in the dressing room or on the pitch, the results show that beyond a shadow of a doubt. The number of times of Villans look on in the 60th-80th minute thinking “oh god it’s time for a change, we look knackered, we need some pace on the wing, need to bring on another striker to hold the ball up” is crazy. That said, it’s also clear that the man is extremely well respected and well connected. He managed to convince John Terry to drop to the Championship and captain our club. He’s managed to get highly-touted young players in Tammy Abraham and Axel Tuanzebe in on loan.

Many say that he’s had a huge miss in terms of his transfer dealings with central defence, and to that, I cannot disagree. That said, on the whole, he’s managed to bring in exciting players, keep a hold of Jack, and no one has a bad thing to say about playing for the man.

If you look at Steve on the touchline during matches, he looks tired, he looks confused, he looks like he’s hanging on by a thread. Many will say that he should just resign and that by sticking around here he’s just looking for a payoff. There is where I will disagree. I don’t see a man looking for a payday, I see a man who is genuinely out of ideas on the sideline, but who wants with every fibre of his being to be successful in the biggest job he will ever have. He’s a man who has been through hell and not given up on the Villa, and who I don’t see as ever giving up on the Villa.

Now, before you label me a Bruce apologist, know that I think his football is horrible, his squad selection is baffling, and his inability to influence a match is quite shameful. But, it’s human nature to revert back to what you know, and what you’re comfortable with when things aren’t going well. That is why we see him reverting back to a defence first, don’t get caught upfield style of play. Unfortunately for Steve, the state of our defence dictates that the only way for us to succeed is to play the game upfield and hold the ball up there as long as humanly possible. Bruce doesn’t want to take that risk, because he genuinely believes his style of play (as it has done for what 4 promotions?) will get the job done, and he doesn’t want to risk making a change that could lose him the biggest job of his career. I can’t fault that, I’d probably do the same, and if you say you would actually walk out on the biggest chance of your career, well you’re just downright lying to yourself.

I do see a way forward here though if you just move Bruce upstairs to let him utilize his connections in the football world, relieve him of the stress of 46 games that all demand results, and bring in someone who can make things work on the pitch. Who is that manager? Not a clue to be honest, but I’d rather take the risk on a new one than continue down the path we all see leads nowhere.

I think everyone agrees that with our squad, we should be running the Championship. I think there is a way forward that utilizes Bruce’s strength, rewards his loyalty towards the club, keeps him from getting slagged off on a daily basis, and puts Villa in a position to move towards a bright future.

Hoping Bruce has a slip in the shower, bumps his head, wakes up with the tactical mind of Pep and leads us up the table. Doubt it though.


With thanks to The Yank


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  • Fair comments Yank. He does look a broken man. His pressers and post-match interviews suggest the pressure is getting/has got to him. And as you say, this is the biggest job he will ever have.

  • Good piece. I 100% agree.

    I did like the guy, although I have felt he hasn’t been any good as a manager for us for a good while now, but I am getting thoroughly fed up with his rhetoric (or false narrative as we Villa fans call it). And if he thinks a scrappy 2-0 home win against Rotherham validates his management then he really is deluded!

  • I can’t disagree with a lot of what you say and yes Bruce does look confused and tired and although his past record speaks for itself I believe that is what it is a past record, I’ve said it before but he’s an old fashioned manager in a modern world, time has moved on and as far as I am concerned so should he. There’s talk about Jack Grealish not being the same player it begs the question is Bruce the problem Jack says he will play in any position but he’s clearly not happy on the wing. I honestly look at the job that Dean Smith is doing with his squad which let’s be fair is no where near as good as ours, and I wonder where we would be if he was our manager.

  • Not a fan of SB, never been convinced of his tactics and definitely not his acumen in the transfer market however, in my opinion, you should never change your manager midseason unless you are staring relegation in the face, in rarely results in success/promotion so…… I’ll support him for this season but I think that’s all he deserves.

  • Sadly, for SB, he’s falling behind,the team epitomises his tactics, never going to change.
    The change has to come now or AV will falter further behind. There really are class managers
    Out there, Flores. Garcia ,Billic, Smith. If SB thinks he’s finally turned the results, he’s living a delusion.
    By Xmas a new man will be manager, falling gates, and dour football

  • You are talking rubbish, this guy has never had a pot to pee in at any of the clubs he has managed but, he got them all promoted, he got Birminham City into the top 10 of the Prem too. He stayed at the Villa and was on the touchline the same weeks his mother and father died earlier on this year, hows that for dedication ? He now has the backing of the new money men who have come into the club and he will get this club back to the Prem and it will be this season. Now change the record of Bruce out and the “club is in crisis” and get behind him and ASTON VILLA that is of course if you are a true Villa supporter. We don’t want Dean Smith he would go to bits at Villa.

    • In fairness Andy, the vast majority of this site in my humble have backed Bruce for those very reasons, so there’s no record to change.

  • Some Villa Fans are talking utter crap.
    We need to stick with Steve Bruce , he is more than capable of getting us up , Forget the Blues connection
    that was long ago , Get behind Bruce you villa faithful .
    Plus all of the new signings need time to settle in [MCginn has been the only one that has hit the road running a snip at 2.75 million ] I admit we do need a center back .
    Look at last season we had less points than this at this time .

    • Have I missed something, who mentioned Birmingham? lol The points issue, so we should. Last season we were getting rid of the remnants of relegation depression, this season is a fresh start and the points demonstrate but the performances don’t. And if you’re going to defend on bedding in a new squad, that’s fine. Others will go the other way and say why didn’t he bed in the squad last season instead of relying on loans when it was known we’d be back to square one squad wise for failure. Can’t have it both ways.

  • Steve is an excellent manager for any football club but alas he seems tired and worn out , it seems to have occurred since he lost his mother and father in quick succession , that’s enough to unbalance anyone . His negotating skills are second to none , his captures prove that . Keep him on board but we need young blood to inspire and motivate our very talented players

  • Any person would suffer on the inside with what he has been through and the way he conducted himself was incredible.
    However, those awful events do seem to have taken their toll, the decisions he has made have been baffling and is the sole blame of our shocking performances this season. We have a fantastic attacking unit this year but we can’t go out and have a go at teams because the defence is so dire. Chester is one of the best defenders I’ve seen at Villa, but is not a captain.
    We have no leadership, no structure to our play both in attack and defence and we don’t seem to know how to play football. All that is Steve Bruce’s fault. We lost to QPR after the Wolves game, that was Bruce’s fault. We lost to Fulham in the final because of his cautious approach in the first half.
    He needs to go. For himself more than anything, he is a man going through a traumatic time and it’s reflecting the decisions he is making. Bruce was who we needed at the time but he is no longer what we need now.

  • Totally agree about the fact of SB ability to attract Top names to his ‘Clubs”, I always used to wonder how he managed to get some of the ‘better’ lol player to go to Blues (why else would you play there….lol
    So YES lets bump him upstairs, utilise his connections and gift of the gab, he has with the quality payers and Get someone IN the COACH ROLE, who is technically gifted, attack/free-flowing minded and can actually turn a game around when things are not Working….. VTID

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