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He Was Probably Never Going To Be Loved – But I Don’t Think He Deserves The Hate

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I saw this on twitter the other day and, being as Steve Bruce returns this weekend with his latest club, Newcastle United, I thought I’d do a quick blog because I couldn’t agree more.

He steadied a ship that very much needed to be steadied. And he went above and beyond when he continued despite losing both of his parents. Like Wayne T says in his tweet, that isn’t to say I’m not glad that he departure, it had grown stale, the atmosphere at Villa Park was toxic and unfortunately I do feel Steve is stuck in a rut tactics wise – as can be seen watching Newcastle United now.

But the abuse he got then, and from some still on social media, always looks uncalled for to me. What compounds it is he is a really nice bloke. Anyone who met him would struggle, I think, not to realise he is a ‘proper football person’ and just an all round good guy.

A group of us met him via the Fan Consultation Group. He was so excited to finally be at a big club, he said it is what he had been waiting for all of his managerial career. I was gutted when it all went wrong, and it did, but even more so the ridiculous bloke that walked down to the pitchside – where I used to sit (before the PL bullied me and others out of our seats – that is another story!) – and threw a cabbage at him. He wasn’t satisfied with throwing the cabbage and saying, “That is what you have turned our club into.” Yes, because we were doing so well before he came weren’t we? He had to continue to call him a “Traiter ****.” You know the four letter word, I can’t publish it. Exactly how was he a traitor? And exactly how was he the other word?

A manager that had taken us as far as he could, yes. The rest? Just nonsense.

Of course, as is their right, plenty also disagree in Wayne T’s thread.

One thing is for sure, he brought us Super John McGinn. That’ll do for me!

He does seem in self pity mode right now, saying that a good percentage of Newcastle fans were against him from the start. He said similar at Villa as well. I would imagine when – and it usually is a when with the Magpies – he is sacked, it will be time to call it a day and enjoy his life. Tough blinking job, lovely wages aside, being a manager. Not sure I’d like the pressure.

He did also say about Aston Villa: “It’s a great club with big tradition big history.” We can all agree with that at least.

Looks like his win ratio for Newcastle United is that far off Rafa’s though, their problem is their vile owner, Mike Ashley.

As for the game v Newcastle, lets hope for more of this!

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