Date: 22nd January 2010 at 5:03pm
Written by:

*The lads are gathered for their F.A Cup clash against Brighton*

MON: OK lads I know we’ve had an exciting week getting to Wembley but…

Collins: Whoooooooo!!! Yeah!! Wembleeeeeeeeee!

MON: Calm James.

Collins: Wembley!

MON: James!

Collins: …. Wembley?

MON: Right, what was I saying? Ah yes, it’s important that our minds aren’t on Wembley, we must focus on Brighton.

Gabby: Bry …. Ton?

MON: Yes you know, ‘The Seagulls’

A.Young: Is that when you …..

MON: No Ashley, No! Fabian, Nathan, Marc cover your ears.

*The three lads cover their ears*

MON: Ashley, we don’t mention Stan Collymore in front of the kids.

*MON nods to the lads, they uncover their ears*

MON: Listen I know we don’t know much about the Seagulls, but we musn’t underestimate them ….

*Gabby raises his hand*

MON: Gabriel?

Gabby: Because they’ll nick our chips?

*Sidwell looks horrified*

MON: No, no Gabriel they’re not actually seagulls…..

*Later …… The lads are warming up on the pitch, the match is about to Kick-Off, Sidwell is sneering intensley at the Brighton forwards*

Sidwell: You’re not having my chips!

Murray: …Chips? What chips?

Sidwell: I know your game Seagull! You’re dead! You hear me!? Dead!

Murrary: Dude, stop screaming, please, calm down.

*The match kicks off Murray is stretchered off, Sidwell is given a red card.*