Date: 14th May 2009 at 2:20pm
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Martin O’Neill has been warned about his future conduct after admitting a charge of improper conduct during out match against Man U.

The statement on the official site explains that O’Neill admitted to the independent regulatory commission that his behaviour towards referee Mike Riley after the final whistle in our loss to Man U was improper conduct and that he apologised for such.

In reaching their decision, the commission took into account our manager’s admission of the charge, his immediate apology to the numpty in charge and his previous good record.

O’Neill was ordered to pay the costs of the hearing but will suffer no further sanction or punishment over the incident.

And now that’s over with, maybe the commission can do something useful and investigate Mike Riley’s conduct during the game and they can make a determination on whether or not his performance was fit for purpose, or simply fit for Man U’s purpose.

Maybe that would put O’Neill’s reaction into perspective.


5 Replies to “He’s Not The Messiah, But He Is A Naughty Boy”

  • Aahh yes… the mystery 5 minutes of stoppage and the unacknowledged foul on Young just prior to the game winner.

  • They know MON did nothing wrong and had to do something to limit the damage to them and save face.

  • I can’t stand these undemocratic, despotic, authoritarian, tyranical bodies like the FA, Uefa or Fifa. They all seem to be run by arogant slimmy b*rsta*ds. Why should they be beyond critisim? Why shouldn’t they be asked first to prove if the comments MON made were untrue or imflamatory? How can he be deemed “a naughty boy” when he was only stating the truth?

  • Its like Chelsea…Clearly they were robbed…Any Italians would be claiming all kinds of cheating…

    Chelsea will be punished for saying what the rest of the world already knows


    Bringing the game into disrepute right?…But those refereeing decisions dont bring the games reputation down at all eh?…pff

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