Date: 15th October 2009 at 12:05pm
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James Milly The Milner believes that Heskey’s worries over England could help push Villa into Europe again and spur on Gabby to boot.

Speaking to the E&S, Milly was careful not to pass comment on Heskey’s verbal fart itself, but did say there could be a positive benefit for the club from it.

With Heskey worried about his international place, he’s going to be motivated when he gets a chance in the first team (not seen that yet myself but there you go) which in turn will more than fire up Gabby who by now no doubt likes the idea of replacing Heskey full time in the England camp.

‘At Villa and England there is competition for places and that can only be a good thing for club and country.’

Speaking specifically towards the competition angle and the benefit for us, he adds:

‘That will make their performances better for Villa. Everybody wants to play football.’

IF Heskey can finally start showing some form for us, and IF he can trouble our pecking order based on merit I agree it can only be a good thing for our strikers. Competition has to come from somewhere, and it certainly isn’t coming from numbers at the moment.

Will it happen though, based on the recent vote 70% of you don’t think so as you want to see Heskey gone in January.

I find it hard to disagree, my only concern is who replaces him?

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