Date: 11th August 2009 at 3:16pm
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It’s not as exciting as you’d first imagine to be fair, he’s not going to be running onto the pitch with a broadsword or a stick of dynamite, he’s simply been told by Monny to get into the little area near the near post more often to grab a few extra goals.

See, told you it wasn’t very exciting.

Speaking on the official site, Monny has revealed that he believes Heskey will reap the rewards of taking ‘risks’ in the penalty box and furthermore, after his pre season goals it looks like Monny could be right.

‘I spoke to Emile during pre-season and told him there are 10 goals to be had by strikers in the top-flight coming across into that little area.

‘That near post is often unprotected. If you can make you run and go in there with desire and determination, goals are there for you.’

Referencing the two goals Heskey scored against Porto and Fiorentina it looks like this little trick has worked. Afterall, Heskey bagged himself another England goal not so long back by doing the very same thing – well close enough anyway.

‘That’s two goals he’s scored now in quick succession by doing that during this pre-season. He is capable of doing that.’

Still prefer the idea of seeing my broadsword tactic though.

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