Date: 3rd April 2009 at 11:28am
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Villa boss Martin O’Neill has confirmed that Emile Heskey will miss the weekends trip to Old Trafford to face Manchester United.

Heskey could miss a few weeks having picked up yet another hamstring injury following his goal for England this week.

Gutted, he has weighed in with so many important goals since he joined Villa (1) and will be a massive loss to us. Suppose we’ll just have to put up with John Carew who appears to be our only out of sorts striker – out of sorts because he shoots and scores which I assume is the wrong thing to do as none of the other buggers do it! :o)


16 Replies to “Heskey Out – How Will Villa Survive?”

  • Why are you being so sarcastic? I cant believe how rude Villa fans have been towards martin o’neil. You are in 5th position for gods sake. O’neill has done a terrific job and you are punching above your wait in the 5th spot- just see how much money we and mancity have spent in reason times and you are still miles above us in the table . this speaks volumes for the manager. Heskey was a good signing and not many of you disagreed at the time he signed. Can any one of you say that you would not have taken 5th at the start of the season?

  • it is called banter yid from india. And I can’t see a word about MON above. Maybe you should look at your own driving out Jol – how did that work out? :o)

  • and no, the aim was 4th, in order to keep Barry and in order to push on and MANY fans disagreed at the time of signing Heskey but know it is MON’s decision!

  • The Fear – The oniell and jol situation is not the same- Yes we did get 2 back to back 5th spots but the amount of money he spent was far higher than what oniell has and we were in the relegation zone after the first 8 or so games and anyway to tell you the truth we would have been better off kepping Jol and having some consistancy and since we change managers for fun, there is a clear out and a entire new team every season which does not make any sence.

  • you can tell your a spurs fan yid_from_india because you cant bloody spell and it dont makes sence half the time………. i think villa fans can say what they like MON because since they signed heskey there form has gone to pot…… i think with heskey out it will only be a good thing because now MON will go back to the winning formula with carew through the middle and with young and Agbonlahor playing wide. i really dont understand why MON changed it for so long yeah i understand with injuries but once carew was fit you have to go back to the winning way or things fall apart like they have so not being horrible i hope heskey is out for more than a few weeks for your sake 😉

  • muffdiver, you’re on the wrong track here, if YidIndia is actually Indian, his English is stunning!!! How’s your linguistics? In the meantime let’s get a shcok result this weekend to make us smile on monday morning!!!!…albeit giving the Scummerpool a helping hand…

  • We all know that Spuz are having a boring season but I don’t see how a Yid from India would know more about whats going on at the biggest club in the middle of England than all its regular supporters.
    If you had seen Heskey playing in our team then you would know how we could be so rude. Looks like we know more than you about your team aswell.

  • I think its hard not to be sarcastic at the moment, we have won what? 1 in the last 9 is it? Not exactly the form we need given our standing in the league, makes you wonder how long we can grasp onto 5th for……….

  • As for punching above our weight… nah. We are 5th, we will finish 5th and at the moment with Randy’s money still in Randy’s back pocket then 5th is where we should be.

  • Michael Owen alongside Heskey may produce results for you Villa fans I would have thought. What price a bargain Newcastle fire-sale over the summer? Even if you got only half a season out of Owen you would get a dozen goals from him.

  • I think its a needed change anyway. At least this will put to bed the pro and con arguments of Heskey versus Carew. The only negative, is will the rest of the team be able to feed Carew any good chances against ManU? If we take a point from this game we will have done very well! UTV!

  • The reason MON bought Heskey was to get Owen in the summer, large signing on fee, realistic wages. Owens incentive – the World Cup. Gonna be a fantastic season next year, a really competetive league for the first time in ages, but I can’t face another transfer window!

  • The only reason Le arse are 4th is because we’ve ****t it up. We deserve 4th this season. Punching above our weight my ass. We’re a big club and always have been. Mon needs to strengthen in all departments in the summer or our champs league dreams will be over.

  • Sorry but u get what u deserve in football and rite now we deserve 5th. I hope that changes later on

  • Hopefully we haven’t seen the best of Emile Heskey because the guy is carrying these niggling injuries that accompanied him down from Wigan. Certainly hope that’s the reason for his poor showings, otherwise his signing really has been a mistake.

  • Dont know about teaming him (Heskey) up with Michael Owen next season RiF. Is Owen the striker we really want/need? His pace has gone, he’s injury prone, I’m just not sure that he’s a player we need to be looking at. Today’s Michael Owen is a very pale imitation of the Michael Owen of five years ago.

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