Date: 15th October 2009 at 3:10pm
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Emile Heskey has spoken out for the first time since the recent ‘I’ll consider quitting’ articles that aired whilst he was away on international duty.

On the official site, Heskey took the opportunity to state he was enjoying the challenge at Villa and wants to fight for his place, with quitting not even entering his thoughts.

‘I am here to fight for my place, everyone is in the same ballpark.

‘You have to embrace the challenge.’

Heskey continues to state that he was ‘heavily misquoted’ by the media commenting that after a game players are asked ‘about 10 million questions’ and insisting:

‘Most of my replies were one word answers and then I read headlines saying I’m going to quit Villa and things like it.’

Emile says it left him ‘confused,’ but that he shouldn’t be surprised as it happens all the time ‘and you just hope it doesn’t happen to you.’

Heskey also doesn’t believe, after thinking about his answers, that he even intimated an unhappiness at Villa, but he’s very thankful for the support from Monny, who gave him the impression that he knew the story was nonsense.

‘The manager knows what I’m like. I have spoken to him and explained the quotes.

‘I think the manager knew anyway that certain things weren’t said.’

He also couldn’t resist adding that most people only read the headlines and assume that the headline is all that matters when forming opinions.

‘The headline said more than the whole piece actually.

‘I am here, I am a Villa player and in spite of what the headlines say, I’m not going to quit.’

There you go folks, straight from the horses mouth. There was no talk about leaving in January or reassessing his future to ensure his England place.

There was no reason for Monny to make sarcastic comments about the World Cup not being next week, or even before Christmas.

It was all nonsense.

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