Date: 24th January 2007 at 11:55am
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Watford manager Adrian Boothroyd says Ashley Young will ‘kick on again’ following his mega money move to Aston Villa.

Boothroyd said: ‘The main reason I think he can really thrive where he is going and kick on again is because of his mental capabilities and because of the manager of the club he’s going to. I have a great deal of time and respect for Martin O’Neill. I think he’s a listener, I think he’s a players’ type of man and manager, and I think anybody who goes to the club he is in charge of is very, very lucky.’ Adding ‘I think he is worth the transfer fee. He might even be a bargain. Time will tell whether he’s worth it or not, but my opinion would be ‘yes’ and if Villa hadn’t paid it, somebody else would have.’

‘It’s not as if just one club have been in for him – I’ve had seven inquiries about him from Premiership clubs. That’s a big pat on the back for Ashley. I think it’s all about talent, and it’s about being thrown in at the deep end and being able to cope with it. He is a very strong kid, very disciplined, the ultimate professional and he is going to have a very good career.’

Former England, QPR, Spurs and Newcastle (amongst others!) striker Les Ferdinand (who so very nearly joined when Brian Little was in charge at Villa) says Ashley Young can make a huge impact at Villa.

Ferdinand worked with Young at Watford last season and says ‘If Ashley plays how he knows he can play, that fee will look like a snip. And if he harnesses his ability in the right way he can have as big an impact at Villa as (Cristiano) Ronaldo has had at United. They were talking very highly of him even then, but I thought he looked a little lightweight and a little too thin to make it in the Premiership.’

‘However, when I saw him play I realised he wouldn’t have a problem making the grade. When you saw him in training, and in matches, you knew he was a bit special.’ Adding ‘Ashley was definitely the pick of the bunch at Watford last season. One thing I like when I watch young players is to see their hunger for the game and his appetite for football is great. After training he was always out there practising his free-kicks and working on his crossing. And he’s versatile as well in that he can play on the right-side of midfield or just behind the frontmen. I’ve also seen him play on the left-hand side and up front.’

Martin O’Neill said: ‘Obviously I’m delighted to have signed Ashley. I think that he’s got fantastic potential and, while we all could do with instant success, I think that over the years he will prove to be a really good player. I don’t think he should start worrying about what was paid for him, his job is just to go and perform on the field and I think he’s capable of doing that. I know a lot about his ability and I’ll back my judgement on it. He’s a really good player and I think he’s got a definite chance of moving his career into the international arena.’

Adding: ‘He can play both flanks and he can play alongside the centre-forward. I think he is an exciting player and has got a great touch, great control, plus a wee bit of pace. I am excited with his signing for us. I have seen a lot of him and I have backed my judgment. I think he will prove to be terrific value.’


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  • I honestly think Boothroyd is happy for Young, even in the pre-signing Interviews he was glad to see Young move to Villa as its not only a financial bonus for Watford but a little pride from Boothroyd as a player move up i the footballing world.

  • At first I thought Aidy was trying to hike his price for Young with recent comments in the press, but there arent many managers that would wish there top player so well on a big move, fair play Aidy.

  • Great piece of respect shown for Martin when stating: “I think anybody who goes to the club he is in charge of is very, very lucky.”
    Yep and SuperMON is all ours…Yippeee!!. This is the birth of the Villa/MON Legacy.Move over Alex & Arsene..!!

  • Could you explain how such a genius as Martin O’Neill has only just managed to outperform a manager so many wanted sacking when he’s spent around 5 times more this season on 2 players ?

    I really can’t understand why there is this adulation for paying over the odds for a kid with less than 30 premiership games when the club is on the dge of a relegation battle.

    He may ahve a great reputation, he may have superb PR but all he’s convinced are the mindless and the PC gameplayers, anyone with a bit of football experience knows he’s done absolutely nothing to show he’s even able to cope with modern day Prem football.

  • I don’t know whether I speak for everyone but I’m really excited about our last 3 forays into the transfer market. We’ve beaten off stiff opposition (for us) for all 3 players – 7 teams were in for Young. Its only recently where we’ve had to put up with scraping the barrel with players like Berson, Phillips, DJ & Baros who weren’t given a run in the side, too old, rubbish or had a stinking attitude. One other nice thing is that club is now acting proffesionally with the fans and making sure there no more promises of “jam tomorrow”, they communicate when the deals are done. Its nice to see all the great press about the club today. Personally I can’t wait to see The Hulk in a Villa shirt, hopefully he can dig in and get us some results away from home. We’ve looked really impotent up front.

  • Well put Tarzan. In today’s climate where football is overpriced in so many ways it’s nice to see someone who came to villa not for financial reasons but to move his game forward and be ambitious. Hammers tried to pay him more and he turned them down, and might be argued they have the same prospects as us with their new financial clout. I think this speaks volumes for o’neill and villa.. He might not have done anything great but there are sufficient people who believe he will do, just as the same was said about theo walcott. This has got nothing to do with pc game players at all.

  • So I presume the mindless would include other premiership managers who respect him.We had the busiest spell of the season without our first or second choice keepers.I am sure Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool would flourish under such conditions.Yet we are 2 points of the top 10, at last serious investment and still a 3rd of the season to go.If judgement is required, lets wait until the end of the season…I for one am a believer…because as mindless as I may be I see a very positive change at the club and I am going to enjoy every little piece of it.UTV

  • avfc48? What! Young is good enough to go to Liverpool who were interested him but didn’t want to pay over the odds, which we have done. Why have we done it? Because the squad has been so depleted and what’s left is a bunch of kids and players we’re trying to offload. In 3 years time we can be choosy like the Scousers but for now we have no option but to strengthen. MON wanted a winger. SWP & Milner wouldn’t come to us and who else is left to sign in January? A championship player is even less tested in the Prem than Young. Don’t understand your complaint. The lad isn’t the finished article but he’ll do a job for us now.

  • I think I’m starting to like you AVFC48, at least I know that every time I sea your username on the top of a post it’s going to be something completely negative and generally disagreeing with the majority. I know where I stand with you and have very little respect for you and your views but I think I quite like you as you make my reading more entertaining. Thanx 🙂

  • Sorry avfc48, but you certainly come across as one depressing, negative individual. I can imagine that you were in your element with the struggles and disappointments of the previous regime, and with the previous array of unsuccessful managers that have called Villa Park home.

  • Gazvilla – Milner would have come to us but wasn’t allowed by ShepherdEllis, Martin did everything he could. Mark my words Milner is on relative peanuts at the moment and the Geordies will have to pay him shed loads for his new deal. SWP would be stup to leave Chelski at this stage of the season they are gojng for four trophies! avfc48 – look at the press around Young today, looks like an investment to me. His attitude seems to be A1

  • avfc48 I never understood most of what you said when you were our manager (you can’t be anyone else than O’Leary) but what is the bit about MON spending around “5 times more this season on 2 players”? You spent more than £3.5 milllion last season didn’t you?

    I do agree that some people are going a little overboard with their praise but it is understandable after what we had to put up with for all those years under Ellis. We still have a long way to go but I think we are going in the right direction.

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