Date: 22nd February 2010 at 12:04pm
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OK, this always happens when Villa start doing well, some doom merchant comes along and implies there is trouble at t’mill or that the manager is on the war path.

I didn’t do anything on this article yesterday because unlike the paper it was in, I wanted to get my facts straight first.

Tom Evans? Never heard of him, asked someone else at People also and I am not sure they have either. Hmmm, must be ‘close’ to the club though surely, I mean, he has a ‘source’ for this back page article. Well, I’m not sure anyone at Villa have heard of him either.

Well, according to this Tom Thumb, sorry, Tom Evans, MON is chasing Randy Lerner for cash and Randy has said the cupboard is bear and that MON would have to make do with youth players and loan dealings.

Hog wash was my initial reaction and having spoken to a few people today – hey, I could say ‘sources’ to spice things up if you wish… hogwash is still the reaction.

Think about it, we are developing, we are pushing the top five, we are at Wembley, we will get good tv money, there is the Sky deal cash, there will be placement money and we have no debts to service unlike Liverpool and Manchester United who are fighting huge interest bills each year.

So would you – if you were the owner – say no money in the summer just to see all your and your managers hard work count for nothing?

Randy was never going to do an Abramovich, we all knew that from the start and from memory most of us (have to be careful, can’t be seen to be speaking for everyone!!!) seemed very happy with that. Man City have come along to ruin the league a little more, Randy on the other hand hasn’t refused his manager backing but has done it right and has put no debt on Villa but has ploughed in a small fortune to bring in the players AND improve the infrastructure (some say that is cosmetic, in my ever so humble opinion they are wrong. Bodymoor is now up there with any club in the world for training facilities and Villa Park was seriously in need of the investment he has put in but that has not stopped Villa being amongst the biggest spenders in Europe over the last two summers. Last season, we were second only to Citeh in spending.

Ok, people point to the January transfer window and no action but they don’t seem to be looking at the total lack of real movement throughout the Premiership during that transfer window.

Clubs – I hope – will have to start cutting their cloth a bit more appropriately anyway, look at the hell the Portsmouth fans are being dragged through at the moment. Look at the protests at Manchester United and Liverpool over their owners? We have stability, no debt, a solid chairman not trying to be Mr Aston Villa and real progress on the pitch.

Not the worst situation in the world is it?

There will be spending in the summer. Hopefully a bit of sense will have to come to the transfer market and maybe that will also give the youth players a chance at clubs. Man City will be the exception to the rule and there is nothing any well run club can really do about that apart from keep doing the right things and hope that obscene spending amounts to no success at all (sorry City fans, nothing personal, much like Villans, you have for so long been the ‘nearly’ team and so I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ride in some ways but much like many ‘real’ Chelsea fans, it will wear slightly thin as it will no longer be ‘your’ club, just a rich man’s play thing!)

So what did the ‘Villa source’ say in the report yesterday? ‘The club is in cutback mode. It is a squeeze at all levels. The top scouts have been told that their targets have to be cheap and ‘sensible’ – and the word has come from the top.’

I’ll play top trumps with sources, no word of any sort has come from the top, sorry but that report is total hogwash. Still, filled a gap in the paper and gave everyone something to talk about eh!?

Was interesting on the Sky Sports Sunday Supplement how the journo’s reacted to the story, they doubted it also and said it needed more flesh on the bones to back it up. There is no flesh to add and very little bones either.

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