Date: 12th December 2006 at 12:13pm
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Aston Villa have released plans for the Holte Hotel restoration which is due to be completed before the end of May 2007.

The official sites says: ‘Club officials are delighted to confirm that a Victorian-style pub/lounge, for use by supporters on match days, will be the focal point of the renovation project.’

‘The exterior of the building will be returned to its former glory with the façade and windows reflecting the style of its Victorian origins. The completed, four-storey project will feature a pub/lounge area on the ground floor with further facilities on other levels offering function rooms to accommodate regular social events and provide the potential for beam-backs of live first team action on away match days.’

If beam backs can be arranged (not sure they are allowed due to tv deals with Sky are they?) it would be a great place to go!

Head of Business Villa, Alison Plant told ‘The new board quickly recognised the importance to the supporters of such an historic building and the idea was to make the Holte Hotel a focal point at Villa Park once again. This project will provide exactly that and I’m sure fans will be delighted with the outcome.’

Image from official site please sirs, can we keep it here?

Work is being carried out by internationally renowned experts to ensure quality and authenticity in the finished project.

The management contractor is ISG InteriorExterior.

There is a pdf of the plans via the official site at the bottom of this page: Click Here


20 Replies to “Holte Hotel Back To Former Glories”

  • glad its not being done by the same guys who did wembley!!! Great news though,by concentrating on the immediate area around the ground will make you feel like your ‘at the villa’ before you even go through the turnstiles. from a business aspect, its important to keep people in the vicinity for longer than the 2-odd hours for the match. turn it into a ‘villa-village’ and match-days will be a day out as opposed to an afternoon out.

  • fantastic news. All that money Ellis made out of us and he couldnt think to turn it into a pub! I hope Ellis sees these plans and feels ashamed of himself. Nice on randy.

  • It seems we are all happy with the news. Randy has now brought us M’ON (forget what Ellis says, he is only here because of Randy). He has given us free travel, supporter consultation, ticketing initiatives and more. However we have not backed any of this as supporters and the crowds are a terrible reflection on what is happening at VP. So whilst all the words are good from the fans, it will be interestimg to see how much use is made of the Holte Hotel when it is restored. Maybe most fans just talk a good game and when it does open it will just be used for a couple of hours on matchday??? Shame on us if that is the case. So whilst I would like to see the venue restored, and no doubt I shall use it for a pint myself, if that is all that fans will use it for, maybe the money would be better spent on the team.

  • when its open we should all get together down there, it would be intresting to find out who’s who on here

  • Great idea bobbyfett it always good meeting fellow villain’s seeing who’s who apart from the Fear famous from his sky sport’s news days you remind me of a younger Patrick Stuart.

  • maybe the illustrious mr fear can use his influence and get a legend to come in to talk to us? any thoughts on this?

  • Sorry Bobbyfelt I have a pretty full diary 🙂 That’s the legend angle rather than a date thing you understand.

  • I caught a glance of the official paper of the Dildo Sales Men from Somali Heath (Evening Mail and before you ask I will never pay for that biased anti Villa rag) and it says that the refurb is costing £4 million and the money will not affect the January transfer budget. However more importantly, where is the statue of either Ron Saunders or Dennis Mortimer (holding the European Cup aloft) that should be the focal point at the front of the building. I have looked closely and it is not on the artisits impression that appears in the rag. This should be right on the junction of the Witton Lane and Trinity Road.

  • Fantastic news. I wonder if its gonna be season ticket holders only on match days coz it wil be rammed otherwise.

  • Very, very impressive. This means so much to the supporters, many of whom have very special memories of enjoying a delightful pre-match brew or four over the years in the Hotel. And yet still some find it in themselves to question the motives of Mr Lerner and the new board. Surely actions like the redevelopment of this superb drinking establishment speaks volumes?

  • glensider, I can not see anybody in this forum questioning the motives of Randy. utv-sotc has questioned the level of support fans may give it (other than on matchday). He seems to make a valid point in that, up to now the fans support has been very lukewarm despite all the good things going on. It is brilliant news about the venue. But if the question was as simple as ‘should the club spend £4 million quid on a place for a quick pint or on the team improvements’, a lot of people may prefer it to go on the team. After all are we not a football club? However if the venue becomes a profit making establishment in its own right then the investment in it makes sound business sense. utv seems to believe that supporters will only go there on matchdays? If this is the case then the venue will lose money and dress it up how you will, this will probably impact on the transfer funds. So once again Randy has put the onus on the fans (and so he should) but up to now we haven’t delivered …… will the Holte Hotel be any different?

  • I think the fans will be back come the summer….there’s alot to be said for the winter months and I believe that the fanfare will continue in the summer and fans will be flocking…this then will build impetus to next winter whereby the fans will KNOW what they’re missing and be in the habit of going…

  • I think we will have to wait and see. Villa fans never cease to amaze me. We get good crowds when least expected and crap ones when you think we are due a full house. I am not confident we will make the most of the Holte other than on match days. This though is due more to location rather than anything else. Unless the ground is in the City Centre, Villa Park and its superb facilities will remain substantially under used. Which in a way brings us back to a debate from a few weeks ago. Everton, Liverpool, Spurs, Pompey amongst others will soon move to new stadiums. Should this have been something that the Villa should have looked at? I believe a stadium at Millenium Point (get the Council to move the Thinktank and that back into the centre) would be the key to developing the club for years to come.

  • Agree with UTV-SOTC in some respects about a new stadia – the Millenium Point is the most expensive white elephant ever – a cross between a theme park and a museum, however it is goivernment funded and has been losing money hand over fist for years and will not be closed – FACT. Nice idea though.

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