Date: 26th August 2007 at 3:55pm
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Oh no! Shaun Maloney has admitted that he hasn’t settled and that he is struggling with homesickness.

Maloney, the scorer of the winning goal against Fulham yesterday, came to Villa for £1million in January when Celtic decided to off-load the striker as he wouldn’t sign a new contract and could have left this summer on a free. The move by Maloney seemed to put a good few noses out of joint after Celtic fans felt their club had developed him only for him to walk away for next to nothing.

However since the move there has been loads of talk about him being unsettled and wanting to move back North of the border to the Scottish giants.

He said: ‘What is the situation with my own future? I have struggled to settle. I have spoken to the manager and he seems to be all right with me at the moment. There is nothing really to say at the moment. Am I going to be here until at least January? Am I going to Celtic this week? I can’t say at the moment. Homesickness has affected my form. I haven’t played well enough to play in the team and I think that has shown so hopefully now things can change.’

Apparently he still spends a great deal of time commuting, he continued, ‘I haven’t found a place to live yet down here. I haven’t done myself any favours with the travelling I’ve ended up doing up to Glasgow and things. Hopefully things will get sorted out one way or the other and I can start playing well. I haven’t done that since I came here to Villa. Are talks planned with the manager? No, nothing like that. I spoke to the manager a few weeks ago and he is quite sound with me. I don’t need to see the manager.’

Homesickness. Hmmm, ok not nice BUT this is a lad old enough to stand on his own two feet, he is very well paid and at a great club where he is getting plenty of support. All he has to do is train and be ready for 90 minutes of football once or twice a week. I’d point to the young lads being shipped off to Iraq and Afghanistan. They have every right to be homesick and upset, not sure a pampered footballer does. I know where my sympathies lie anyway. In life, sometimes, you just have to grow a pair and grow up.

As I said in my match report, I really hope he settles as it looks like we have a bargain. If he does return to Celtic, I wonder if he could do us a huge favour and take Stiliyan Petrov back with him!


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  • he needs to get up the arcadian or broad sreet and find himself a nice brummie bird to settle down with and get his feet on the ground……he could allways come out with me and my mates and join our dominoes team……….Keep the Faith…..AVFC for life….

  • Happy to see you also got your share of whinging players, I for one have a hard time pitying anyone who earns more than 10 times more than me a week.

  • So now avfc48 blames SM’s homesickness problems on MON too, as if SM is the only player ever to have been homesick, and Aston Villa under MON the only team to have this ‘problem’. Try these players/teams who have reportedly had the same problem at one time or another: Crespo/Chelsea; Johnson/Everton; Drogba/Brest (he was only 5, mind!); Reyes/Arsenal; Dyer/Newcastle – the list goes on and on and on. Why don’t you blame MON for the lousy weather and the price of fish, avfc48? Go on, you know you want to!

  • If we sold Petrov he’s hardly on cuurent form worth what we paid for Maloney. If we sold Maloney he’s worth what we paid for Petrov. And if the latter is true, then it means he’s too decent to let go. Hope he gets sensible advice and help to get settled and agree players getting 6 zillion a week still have feelings. I like him and want him to be a big success at Villa.

    I also am apalled at Premier League salaries but that is another debate and out of MON, SM and our hands.

  • removed posts against avfc48 as I would posts nasty towards anyone. If you read what he says he is askign what the club are doing not what mon is doing. We had similar with Angel and brought in someone to help players settle, that is what he is questionning. Read what people say before slating them please and again, no personal comments, if you can’t debate the point then at least don’t bring it down to petty name calling. Not unless it is against me, then call away!

  • He certainly seems to be taking time to settle, even allowing for the fact that it is his first time ‘away from home’. One thing is quite obvious, such a situation cant be allowed to continue, which begs the question, what is the real problem? Is it just homesickeness, or are there other factors involved here? He comes across as a shy individual, so its difficult to be overly critical. I like him, and hope he can get sorted. I think he has a lot to offer the club.

  • JP – it’s pure bias and thought control. You allow nasty putdowns of former players and remove ones against your friends. I’m not going to argue this point as I believe it to be true. Myleftfoot and I still believe ’48 is an idiot.

  • amusing paranoid stuff Bob the builder, amusing stuff.
    As Fear says my problem has always been with the way Villa handle incoming players, its something Gregory tried to address even against Ellis’ wishes, but its another area where we lag behind most Premiership clubs. I’ve questioned the General concerning the matter and the club came out with some PR about the woman Gregory employed to look after players and their families just after.
    But when you consider Carew still lives in a City Centre Hotel, Petrov has often been rumoured not to be happy, Coker, and Harewood commutes, Maloney openly admits he’s unhappy, and Carson lives nearer me than Villa Park, I wonder if the club does anything like what it should.
    Mind if the manager of the team still lives nearer London than Birmingham what can you say.

  • JP – calling someone paranoid is a nasty comment. Care to delete? ’48 – commuting is modern life, get over it. It means nothing. It means alot if you’re a nine to five’er with kids and a normal wage.

  • No, not paranoid, avfc. First, I don’t object at all to you questioning whether our football club could improve its ability to deal with ‘human resources’ issues. My objection is twofold. First, you have yet again made an extremely negative statement about our football club which is based on a false premise. You incorrectly state that “all 19 [other prem sides] can cope with [homesickness so] why can’t Villa. Try doing a web search for ‘premiership homesickness’ and you will pick up plenty of it at other clubs too, including ‘the best’ ones. So, it does NOT only happen at Aston Villa. And then, in your usual backhanded manner, you try to hang the blame on MON: “especially as we have the ebst [sic] man motivator in the league, or do we…..” That’s simply an excuse for another personal attack on MON. Why do you make such comments and then pretend they are anything else?

  • I’m not going to name names but who is the most negative, sarcastic misinformed turd on this forum. Does nothing but knock Aston Villa FC. Never has anything constructive to say but sarcastic retorts. This may well be removed by JP but I see no reason to defend this idiot. AFVC48 you should be ashamed of yourself. Ther you go it slipped out. Sorry.

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