Date: 17th March 2006 at 6:12pm
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Gavin McCann has agreed with the fans, Villa have underachieved this season.

He said to the fans: “I understand why you’re hurting at the moment – so are we.”

He said: ‘The fans are saying the season’s over – and I understand what they mean. We’ve got two derbies against West Brom and Birmingham to look forward to but it’s obvious that’s not good enough. We need to win every home game now just to make it look reasonable because our home record has been so poor.’

Adding: ‘The first season I was here, we struggled and then we did well; the second season we were up and down which has been the same as this one really. We win one, lose one draw one. The place is low at the minute. As a player, I feel responsible because we’re the ones who play. Some games have been flat.’

Yup, as a pancake, I think all the fans ask for is to see some passion on the pitch, far too many games this season it has looked like no one cares.

‘When we play badly, too many players have an off-day. It’s not one or two, too many play badly and that’s when we suffer and we make mistakes.’

Be great to get to safety and look forward to the end of this miserable season. Trouble is, with no money in the offing for the summer, short of a takeover, it could be more of the same next season and that will mean more and more fans walking away.


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  • I don’t know whats up with them. We have quite a few players who are deemed regulars in their countries starting 11. Why can’t they be more assertive in their performances for their club. Can you blame it on the uncertainty of the takeover, or is it the m

  • Refreshing honesty. An extremely disapointing season from a collection of players who should have achieved so much more. On paper they are considerably stronger than the likes of Everton, West Ham, Bolton, Blackburn, yet we trail all of those teams. Fans

  • Virtually all the players have come out and said the club has underachieved this season! Now if these players put in the effort to over achieve instead of talking all the time we’d be in a much better position!

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