Date: 5th June 2018 at 7:00am
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Well, it’s already shaping up to be a long summer for Aston Villa fans.

Play-Off heartbreak against Fulham at Wembley, talk of a potential player exodus as we fall in line with Financial Fair Play and the hit we take on that front having failed in our self-stated aim for the season. Managerial talk continues to be all the rage and more recently we have unqualified takeover guff to contend with.

As the fall out from last season continues fans already know that the big build up to 2018/19 is soon to begin, season ticket details are yet to be firmed up fully and come back on sale, we have a new kit to contend with as well as a new pitch and fixture release day is edging ever nearer.

Meh – Another Year In The Championship & Here’s When It All Begins

Thursday, June 21 is the big fixture release day for EFL Championship and the layout of another Championship campaign will be known at 9am – until the television companies get their hands on games!

Ahead of that, all the remaining questions about next season should be answered and fans will be on a far better footing when it comes to our expectations. Will Steve Bruce continue in post, how competitive is our pre-season build-up and maybe we’ll even get some real clarity on the year ahead from our Board and Dr Tony Xia.

So, to next season then…whatever form that may take and what lies in store for us. Despite the expected departures on top of those we know have already left, we do have a pretty decent core of both youngsters and those more experienced, so maybe the ‘hurt’ of this year will be enough despite the names heading out the door.

That’s what many of us hope at any rate.

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2 Replies to “Hope & Excitement Slowly Returning For Villa Fans Ahead Of 2018/19 But Plenty Of Questions Remain”

  • The planning and restructuring are key, for AVFC,from a personal view the number
    one priority is new manager. Clearing out more mercenaries who are bleeding the
    club dry. Is also connected with the new man. This club has to find anew structure
    with tight monetary control,that feeds off the academy. only accasionally buying when
    needed.Xia stop lying in the boat asleep,while the storm rages.Im quoting a parable.
    The answers there Faith, Resurection, the real messiah in the boat guides us , Amen.
    OAP,Catholic 58yrs supporter

  • One way or the other we need to know what’s happening. Where’s the Dr gone, going into hiding isn’t the answer, just come out and tell us where we stand, just get in a new manager and concentrate on our existing youth players, let’s face it promotion looks a long way off now, so maybe as fans we should lower our expectations and take the pressure off the team, you never know we might get a surprise. I personally see us staying in the Championship for some time now, we blew it big time and now we have to live with the consequences. That’s life. Just get on with it.

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