Date: 30th December 2010 at 11:14am
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Revua says: Houllier is the only Man to Blame!

I’m sorry if some may be sick of hearing ‘Houllier out!’ but I’m sick of hearing excuses after excuses for the guy. No matter what problems we have had the blame starts and stops with Houllier. This is the man we are paying to sort these things out and he is failing it everyway possible. Well I say its only Houllier fault but its also the clubs fault to appoint the man in the first place when so many Villa fans did not want him. Yes the club need to make business decisions but maybe next time they will take more note of the fans and if the majority approve of the decision.

I would say before we even knew Houllier may be in with a sniff of getting the job I would estimate 90% would have said no to him. As more links to him became apparent then I would say that fell to around 70% not in favour but still nowhere near to pleasing most fans. After he got the job I like many were not happy but could see his history at other clubs so rather than carry the negative vibe sat back and waited for him to prove us wrong. I could still see many flaws but what could we do but back him. I hoped I was wrong but have been proved right in more ways than I thought possible in such a short space of time.

I know some will say that you cant let the fans choose the manager and I will agree to a certain extent but what I said back then is being proved right now. I took some stick for criticizing the club for appointing a man that was old and most fans didn’t want. I can under stand fellow fans concerns as they saw it as negative. One of my main gripes with appointing Houllier was that he would only succeed if he got instant success, age was not on his side, the fans were not on his side and unless we got off to a flyer with everything going the right way then fans would turn fast and there would be no way back. As it was unlikely we would get off to a flying start this partnership looked doomed before it has started. I mean for the club to have to come out and try to defend a manager before they have even let us know they are going to appoint him is just complete madness.

I would like to state at this point that I’m all for giving a manager time to prove himself and I think three years is fair. This is where Houllier’s age became a problem for me again in that if he did any good after the three years he would probably be looking to retire and we would be starting all over again. The age thing aside the only reasons a manager should not be given the three years time period is if he loses the dressing room, looses the majority of the fans backing, disrespects the club or the club gets into such a bad situation that drastic action needs to be taken to save the club from relegation. Well for me he has for-filled not one but all four of the situations and there is no way back. No matter what happens from now on he has disappointed so many fans in things that he has done there will be no way back. Our losses need to be cut now and start again with a decent manager. Its not as if you can see any good things that he is doing that they out way the disastrous results.

He cant handle to press, He can’t handle to players, He cant say the right things to the fans. W already know his track record in the transfer market is not great so what future do we have with him managing our club? He is the man that is meant to be able to manage all of these things, if he can’t then we have no use for him. Many have blamed our senior players for not performing! is this not what we are paying Houllier to achieve? to get the best out of the senior and young players. If they are not performing for what ever reason then it only comes down to Houllier. Its his job to make sure they do and you could forgive one or two but its the majority that look lost.

The players see what the fans see, the whole way Houllier was appointed and KM was disregarded after been encouraged to go for the job. I’m not wanting a debate on whether KM should have been given the job as that is done and dealt with but how the players that wanted him as manager were effected. Most of the youth had a big bond with him and quite a few of the seniors came out and spoke out for support for him. I know the players are paid and they should perform no matter what blar blar blar but it does not work like that. If your not happy with your boss at work no matter what you are paid you will never give him 100%. We needed someone to come in and sort the dressing room out not fix one problem and cause many more. Again the evidence that this was going to happen was already there as Houllier had already had many public fallings out with his previous players.

Another excuse is injury’s, I will not lay all blame with Houllier with this but we have obviously amounted many more injury’s with players since MON has left. It could just be coincidental but it does make you wonder if new training systems have helped cause more injury’s. I’m not saying MON training was perfect as we looked out of shape sometimes but maybe it was more than luck as to why we did quite well with injury’s whiles MOH was manager. As I’ve said I don’t blame Houllier for all our injury’s but where the blame does lie is not changing tactics to support the players we do have. Not closing out games and man making good players out of the games. I think injury’s is a poor excuse as the young players that have come in are looking to me better players than the seniors that are our injured. I just think the whole tactics and individual player motivation and instruction is all wrong. We are not playing as a solid unit and that comes down to the manager. I think the players feel the same as the fans and they have no respect for Houllier. They see what he did and said at Liverpool, they probably see a lot more that we don’t hear about.

Another excuse is Houllier is changing the way we play! what a load of nonsense, Our play has been every bit as rubbish as under MON and I see no change in getting the ball down and making simple passes. At least under MON when we did play some nice attacking football we didn’t leave quite so many gaping wholes at the back. Don’t get me wrong I was quite glad that MON left in the end as he has many failings of his own but even they now look nothing compared to what we now have. Three wins we didn’t deserve to win is a disastrous record for an experienced manager.

The whole Houllier appointment has been a complete farce by the club from start to finish. From having to defend him to fans before he was appointed as so many fans knew it was a bad decision. To encourage KM to go for the job he was not going to get knowing many of our players wanted him. To having a press conference before he had even signed or been released from his other job. To his whole public love for Liverpool. To the apology he made about Liverpool but then said he thought he had nothing to apologies about. To his public arguments with players. How can the guy have caused so much disruption and upset in such a short space of time? I just hope the club is big enough now to stand up and admit they got it wrong and put it right before its to late. Lets have a new year and new start!

Sorry but I can’t help myself, I see the reserves are top of the league again even when they don’t have the use of all the young talent that has moved up to the first team squad. Bet some wish they had stuck with KM for a while longer! I don’t think he is right for us now as we don’t have time to play with so we need someone that has the experience, respect and tactical brains to turn this ship around even if its someone just until the end of the season.