Date: 5th December 2010 at 11:21am
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Villa boss has told The Daily Mail that things feel right at Villa and the ‘chemistry` brought him back to the Premier League.

“I could feel the chemistry at Villa, with Paul (Faulkner, Villa`s CEO) and the chairman. He is a good person. It is true what Sir Alex says: pick a chairman, not a club. He lives for the club.”

Adding, ‘I like the fans, the history. It is a club eager to win things. It is a club making changes and deciding on a different way of thinking, who are giving me the freedom to establish something.

‘I knew they had some good young players and I have a chance to instil a culture, to say, “This is how we play, this is what we want to achieve”.`

Another interesting snippet, ‘I believe at top level there are three Ps — passion, performance and progress. We are not at the level of the top four yet. We need consistency. We jumped on a moving train. It took three years at a club with a lot of history in Liverpool to take a step up. In football you cannot programme success, you can just prepare and plan. But Champions League is the aim.`

He also admits that ‘one or two` will arrive in January but he expects the major changes to happen during the summer.

Some are arguing about the last statement though, ‘I always play with two strikers, play to win. You have a responsibility to play winning football in an entertaining style.`

I do think he has tried to get the football more attacking and there is more passing (I know some disagree!) and that it will take a while for the culture of the footballing style to work through but I`m, not sure he can claim he always plays with two striker, it was the one up front that did many a head in during the Blues loss the other night.

Still, good positive words from Houllier and I for one would love to see him do well here and to take us a step closer to the success us Villa fans so rightly crave!