Date: 13th June 2006 at 11:31am
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All is quiet on the Villa news front so I thought I would test the level of feeling for-or-against the manager David O’Leary now that the memories of last season aren’t quite so ‘fresh’ and the anger has had time to settle.

O’Leary blundered his way to our lowest ever Premiership haul with all sorts of excuses and moans and the fans turned on him like I’ve not seen before. My feeling is that anger hasn’t subsided and season ticket sales are down because of it.

Ellis has treated the fans with disdain for many a long year and the way O’Leary spoke last season I got the feeling he was perfect for Ellis because he talked down to us in exactly the same way. The blatant lie about never being invited to a fans forum didn’t help his cause and the constant rubbish he talks at press conferences (putting the majority of reporters to sleep due to the ground hog nature of his briefings), especially the infamous sugarbag comment, only alienated him further.

So how do you feel now? Gutted he is still here? Do you still want him gone? Do you agree with the board for backing him? Should he have had the dignity to walk? And where did I leave my wallet, I’ve got to go out in a minute and I can’t find it anywhere?

Our latest poll asks the questions and don’t forget to leave your comments below.

My vote goes for:

But only if Martin O’Neil is in-coming!


23 Replies to “How Do You Feel About O’Leary Now?”

  • But Doug won’t get rid of him, so you have to ask, is Doug about to sell or does he really think that DOL is the man for the job? The former makes more sense to me, Ellis has sacked people for far less than the rubbish we put up with last season. Always

  • Dougs stingyness and lack of ambition are keeping him here. Under any other chairman he’d be gone by now, and rightly so.

  • DOL is waiting to be sacked to get a pay-out and DD is waiting for him to quit to save the money. they’ll both most likely be here when i’m dead and in the ground!
    How much to hire some rough types to make them ‘sleep with the fishes’? Or have them assas

  • looks like hes stating like it or not.We may as well get behind the players see how the first few weeks of the season go..

  • Agree with south coast villain. We’re stuck with him now and we may as well support the players. Definitely think that DOL won’t walk, even if we have an awful start. He’ll wait to be sacked so he gets his pay off. I think if the start is bad, Ellis will

  • Big Yid, didn’t expect to see the words ‘very good’ in a thread about DOL, so I’ll assume you mean my ***** take!!!

  • AH Yes, good to see all the Villa fans back from holiday and ready to begin the (sledge) fight for thr season ahead.

    Never liked DoL, played for Arsenal and was boring, just my input.

  • We have no choice but to see what happens in the early part of the season. But if there’s anything like a repeat of last season showing by December, then he must surely have to go.

  • The future of what Cross?!? Glad you put a LOL at the end of that anyway!!! 🙁 Agree lergy, we are stuck with him UNLESS we get a takeover (it could still happen) as they will see sense and want to bring their own man in surely? Martin O’Neill would co

  • I agree that we are stuck with the tw*t for now, so lets just get behind the team and see what a bit of fan motivation can do, as we all know what O’Leary can do, sweet FA (no I don’t mean that he should be employed in some sort of role at the FA ;o))

  • If we’re top half of the table at Christmas with a good shout of Europe, will people change their minds?

  • I’m looking forward to another season, when the team are struggling on the pitch, and I look across from my seat in the Witton Lane Upper to see what inspiration is going to come from the bench, and I see a showroom dummy propping up the dugout! I can’t w

  • I wouldn’t Gazton, I’ve found the bloke to offensive and self serving, still would rather he got us to the top half than not though!

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