Date: 4th June 2008 at 10:34am
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Taken from the General Krulak thread in our forum: Click Here

Heretic said:

General, I have to say that Randy’s gesture is truly outstanding. In a game so widely dogged by accusations of greed you guys have shown such decency and generosity it is frankly moving.

I look around the ownership states of other big clubs (of which we are one). Manure and the Glazers. Hicks etc. at Liverpool.

The Glazers see their club as a cash cow. Hicks and Gillett don’t even get on. That must make for great club morale.

Abramovich faxes team sheets to his managers.

Wet Spam buy geriatrics on excessive wages.

Newcastle are in a mess with Championship players. Even their manager thinks they’re screwed.

Spuds buy everything going and are still underachievers.

How lucky this club are to be owned by Randy Lerner and to be so ably assisted by men such as yourself, General.

How fortunate we are to have you take your time to talk to the fans on the message board.

This is despite some idiots trying to attack you with baseless nonsense.

Try supporting Manure. See if the Glazers talk to you. Maybe Roman’s driver might let you peek at the team-sheet.

Your presence here and your conduct with AV shows us all that you, Randy, the whole team – you’re just class personified.

Ellis couldn’t wait to name a stand after himself. I expect if you suggested Randy name the Lerner Stand, he’d be embarrassed.

Personally, I vote for the General Krulak Stand. I know I speak for all of us here. Make it so.

MON is the head of the club. Guiding us on the battlefield.

You and Randy are the heart – making the key decisions to get this club back roaring again.

Us fans, we’re the soul. You can do brain transplants, even heart transplants, but not soul transplants.

I don’t switch teams like I might Coke or Pepsi. This club has delighted me, frustrated me, made me deliriously happy, been responsible for so many lows. Yet we stick with each other in an uneasy truce because I just won’t leave. I always hope for the better day. When that comes, I hope for better still.

Randy recognizes this. He values this soul in so many ways. Spending money on the Holte pub. He didn’t have to. But he understands the fans and the importance we place on our proud history and its symbols.

I don’t believe that was manipulative. Everything in my instinct tells me it was genuine. The preparatory steps of making this club roar once more. Create the right environment, see the buzzing psychological effect. See what that surge of pride does for both players and fans.

It’s symbolic. And the right way to go.

What smart, fine owners we are fortunate to have.

I can honestly say I’ve never felt more valued as a fan in my thirty years as a fan (yes, I popped out with a replica shirt on).

With Randy and you, General, Aston Villa won the Owner’s Lottery. Truly we did.

You have arrived here with fantastic expertise in business and clearly heads filled with ideas to energise us once more.

MON wants European glory. And why not! Why achieve small dreams? Small dreams are available to all.

Nobody has the monopoly on big dreams. Porto have won the CL. Rangers got to the final of the UEFA despite being a poor side who got there by parking the bus in front of the goal.

Dream big. If you don’t, someone else will.

Your administration recognizes and appreciates the proud past of this STILL great and soon-to-be-greater club. You always act as if the club is greater than you. Something grander and impossible to tame because its legacy will always be more wondrous and magnificent than any one individual, whether that be owner and player. We are one of the founders of the Football League!

Thankfully for us, Randy doesn’t seek the limelight. A humble, decent, good man who loves this club and has, above all, respect. He embodies the best of values, the values we would all have on our wish-list of owners.

Look at the conduct now with Liverpool. Steven Gerrard and Rafa try to unsettle our player. Randy is dignity personified. Cool under pressure. No nastiness, no recriminations. The good name of Aston Villa is at stake. We have conducted ourselves admirably. He is a man who knows we have the foundations for the good times once ahead.

We should not panic. We are bigger than ANY player. Truly, any. Panicking when a big player comes calling or wants the off suggests weakness.

We are NOT weak. We have survived relegations before and roared back stronger. We lost our manager on our European Cup run, for heaven’s sake.

So to stop boring you, General, I feel so proud of this club for your wonderful gesture. It marks us out as so different from the other clubs.

The gesture recognizes the power of this club. We can afford to do this. Liverpool can’t, they’re broke. Their conduct and financial situation make Mugabe look competent.

It says we value others in society. We don’t leave them behind. It says we care. It says we recognize the context of football – we want success, but we can make time for those less fortunate to enjoy our advantages.

Only a club that truly cares would make this gesture.

How proud I am – how proud ALL of us are – that this club is our very own. The one and only. The irreplaceable Aston Villa.

Place forth your accusations of brown-nosing, I care not a jot. Truly I don’t. I pays my money, I takes my choice.

My choice is Randy and the General every time. And MON, assuming his wallet doesn’t pucker up like a duck’s arse every transfer window.

BTW – if you want to go with the Krulak Stand idea, I might be available to cut the red ribbon.

My usual rates are available by request. Terms and conditions apply.

Only rival clubs were harmed in the making of this post.



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