Date: 22nd January 2010 at 11:33am
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How to get your Wembley tickets – but be quick

Our 31,000 tickets will quite rightly go to fans who actually support the club by buying and attending matches.

Season ticket holders first and then on a sliding scale of non season ticket fans who have attended the most games.

Unfortunately there will be fans now live in other countries who can’t attend games. And there will be fans who would like to attend more games, but who can’t for a variety of reasons. It is just a fact of life that these fans will be last in the queue and will most likely only have the choice of the most expensive tickets if any remain.

However there will be a thousands of fans who will try and buy tickets at more than face value from touts and agencies. With hotel accommodation, travel, food, beer, programmes etc, the day is going to cost about £250 each (and possibly more dependent on which packages are purchased) Fans will find the money for this . . . . . but plead poverty when the issue of season tickets come up.

The simple answer in the future is to buy a season ticket with the money that you have spent on the odd game you have been to and with the money that will ‘magically’ appear now we are at Wembley.

If you cant attend a game for whatever reason then sell tickets on a match by match basis on Seat Exchange. By doing that you get your money back for the games you do not attend, but are guaranteed tickets for occasions such as this. Simples!

Leaving aside my cynicism of our glory hunters, we are in a great position in that the other semi final is still to be decided. So book your hotels now before the Manc game has a winner. As soon as they know who is coming down, hotel rooms will be at a premium.

I got 2 four man rooms rooms at a Premier Inn, 2 miles from the stadium for £75 a room. It is the same with coach and rail tickets. Book them before next Wednesday and you will save yourself a fortune.

Wembley has 10,000 Centenary Club members (these are ‘fans’ who have 10 year tickets but only go occasionally). In truth they are usually purchased by businesses for corporate entertaining. These tickets will be available to anybody in the know on a first come first served basis. Get a hold of any contacts you have and snap up these tickets now.

Alternatively check out who the big agencies are and book your tickets now. There will be organisations ready to take your cash before the other semi final has been decided. If you leave it until next Thursday then you are leaving it too late. However I still think it is easier to buy a season ticket and you do not have to go through this hassle.