Date: 14th September 2006 at 3:55pm
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How do we improve the matchday experience?

I believe 99.9% of Villa supporters are pleased with events of the last 6 weeks. So I think that it is important to capitalise of this wave of euphoria sweeping the club.

We now have a manager who we can confidently trust in getting the best out of the players. What is now needed is for the marketing team at Villa, to ensure that the matchday experience is improved.

Fans should leave VP absolutely gagging to visit again at the next available opportunity. This is a couple of the ideas I believe would be a success. Where possible home games should have a theme.

These could include flag days, where thousands of Villa flags are handed out to ALL fans as they enter the ground. The flags will be paid for by a sponsor who will benefit by having their logo on the flag and will also benefit by having thousands of flyers distributed. There could be scarf day, where ALL fans are encouraged to wear / bring a scarf. Again a deal should be arranged with a sponsor where they supply thousands of scarves to be given out to ALL fans as they enter the ground and they receive benefits in kind. The same could be done for a ‘hat’ day with thousands of baseball hats being provided to ALL fans as they enter the ground.

How about a ‘club anthem’ day? A new club anthem could be produced, played, displayed on the screens, song sheets could be handed out. What about a
Paul McGrath day. He would be invited to the club as a guest for the day. Every fan attending to be given a Paul McGrath t shirt to wear as they enter the ground.

Again paid for by a sponsor who receives a range of benefits supplied by the club. You can see a theme here can’t you?

It should cost very little but the goodwill would be welcomed, and paid back in bigger attendances by the fans.

At Arsenals last game at Highbury O2 paid for every fan to receive a red or white t shirt. Wigan supporters were provided with blue ones. It showed class and a recognition of support that the Villa never have done. Well done Arsenal. Shame on you Villa.

Car stickers. For every purchase made at VP (tickets, merchandise etc) or in every piece of junk mail that the club sends out, you should get a car sticker. Then every week local press provide details of a winning car registration that is displaying the sticker. Each weekly winner receives a prize (tour, signed shirt or ball, or tickets etc) and the opportunity to go on the pitch at half time and take a couple of penalties at the Holte End.

As the only Premier League club in the Midlands, a car sticker highlighting this fact would go down a storm. Whatever happened to open days? A few years ago the club held an open day and the queues stretched all around Villa Park. The day was a massive success but the club has not held one since. Why not? It would be good to hear what other supporters think would improve the matchday experience at VP.

Maybe even ‘The Fear’ could present these ideas to the relevant people. I have tried and failed.

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  • I’ll happily pass this on. I did a document about some of the things that Villa fans have talked about over the years of doing VFC etc, + ideas to take us ‘forward’. I would love to see a fan liaison of some sort to drive all this forward, I’m sure they

  • Before and at half time the ground is dead, 30-40,000 captive audience? Sort the music out Villa and more PA footie scores, with football HT news, etc.

  • How about some cheer leaders – at least it would have the support of the chairman (as well as every bloke in VP!!)

  • Think the theme type days would be great. Any time that Villa have done anything to make the fans feel part, such as the last day of the Holte when all the old players came on, make me feel so special. Makes me ‘well up’, clench my fists and ‘get in there

  • Like the anthem idea, especially if it was combined with classic footage on the big screens. Let’s start showing some real classic games on those screens, like 1982 and the home game against Inter in 1990. Not the 1-1 draw against Ipswich in 1893. Seeing

  • Yep, some good ideas there. Anything that makes V.P. into a sea of claret and blue will inspire the lads and have the oposition and their fans cringing in fear. The flag day would probably be the least expensive for any sponsorers to provide. I wonder wha

  • What good ideas, it would quickly move the club away from the ‘dead’ years. The fans are special and are the heart of the club and need to be brought back into the fold. The new owners are doing a good job now is the time to begin to show us how specia

  • Cheerleaders with claret and blue pom poms sounds GREAT, and also it’s kind of American so we all know Randy would like it…

    However i am all in favour of anything that invloves turning VP into a fortress. 🙂

  • I say garanteed good winning football. This kind of entertainment will always get the people wanting more – the rest is just a side show – keeping the entrance fee reasonable too.

  • How about getting back to the days when VP was a sea of claret and blue balloons. A nice cheap option and even an earner for Lerner, flogging balloons inside the ground.

  • How about some cheer leaders – at least it would have the support of the chairman (as well as every bloke in VP!!)
    That would lead to a few rounds of “Get Your Tits Out For The Lads!!”

  • how about the big screens showing the highlights of a great win over the days opponents where ever possible, barring that a montage of ‘great Villa goals’ to get us in the mood for hammering that days opponents and really getting the fans in a singing moo

  • generally all good ideas, ive been to see the New York Nicks play and they have loads of sponsored ‘fan give aways’. Although the car sticker idea may limit where you can safely park your car!

  • Excellent Idea’s from all. The chear leaders week in week out would be much better than the lion although i dont think the kids would want to swap them over.

  • How about injured players (3 months plus) line up at half time and people can purchase a custard pie to throw at them. This could obviously extend to players who go missing or ask for transfer requests like the djembas or whoever. I think this will raise

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