Date: 14th February 2012 at 1:43pm
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How to protest?

I am aware that Fear is keen not to see this forum as one supporting a protest.(See my article comment as below J FEAR!)

However it is plain to see we are in a mess. I still have support for Randy and understand that he is trying to recover the clubs financial position after allowing M’ON to overspend on players, and probably worse giving them wages that no other club would touch as they reach the twighlight of their careers.

However I believe we need to see and hear from Randy now as am I am sure he must be aware of the massive unrest for the fans and apparently for the players. Leaving aside the Randy issue, how are fans due to get there voice heard? The club remove any anti McLeish posters and eject fans who have them. It is obvious that McLeish does not have the support of the fans and fans are split on wether to protest or not.

I want to protest but was disappointed that the couple of hundred or so in attendance on Sunday resorted to foul language to make there point. As soon as that happens the tv can not show the coverage.

I have 3 suggestions.

Next home game against Fulham, all fans show there support for the club by buying tickets, attending the game, but staying in the concourse areas until 3.15. If the ground is half empty but suddenly fills up at 3.15 this would get the point over without harming the clubs finances.

A vocal protest.

Very simply everybody who thinks McLeish should go simply sing ‘we want McLeish out, we want McLeish out’. As soon as there is swearing it is edited by TV. The chants have to be clean. A vocal protest can not make the performances any worse so this would not cause any problems at all.

A season ticket protest.

It was the lack of season ticket sales that eventually forced O’Deary out of the club. When the club realise at the end of June that renewals are down and no new applications are coming in the money men will have to make the decision. We generated £9m in season tickets this season I believe. As soon as they drops below £5m it it cheaper to sack McLeish than to lose revenue. Does anybody have any other ideas on how to get rid of McLeish or are there still fans who think he should be given another season?


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