Date: 27th August 2009 at 12:54pm
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Ok, so our very own Sheriff Kimbo submitted a poll which I didn’t have time to get round to using as I wanted to do the normal win/lose/draw poll today as I always do before matches.

However his questions were interesting and I was hoping – WITHOUT a big to-do or fall out or personal comments obviously (!) if we could all discuss where we stand with the Europa league and the match tonight.

His suggested question was How would you feel if we lost and went out of the Europa league tonight

options were:

If we go out of Europe, how do you view it:
Relief. The squad can’t cope!
Indifferent. Well, look at last season…
Disappointed, but it will help us in the league.
Gutted. One less chance to win a trophy.
It’s an absolute disaster!

For me, I’d be fine about going out, as long as we give 110% with a decent side put out. I’m easy to keep happy really, just want to see the proper effort and all games taken seriously, I think both will be the case tonight and I’m looking forward to getting down there, might even re-test that the pies are good!

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