Date: 23rd April 2007 at 1:42pm
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Vital Villa asked, in a poll suggested by Seanking16, ‘should Aaron Hughes be given a second chance at right-back and replace Phil Bardsley?

12% said yes.
10% said no.

That left 76% saying Hughes is better than Bardsley BUT we need to replace both of them.

The final 2% were unsure.


19 Replies to “Hughes Should Replace Bardsley?”

  • I agree with Jonah. Bardsley looks a bit raw, still young though. Not a good sign that Fergie wants rid, I’d suggest both are bottom/mid premiership quality at best – but could prove people wrong like Freddie has. MON will not reward any players who can’t contribute and help us progress. I guess it will boil down to whether we can find anyone better – any suggestions?

  • new right back needed in summer i reckon.neither are good enough to move with us to next level.

  • I would still much prefer a fit again Mark Delaney….and i hope come next season, we have him back. He’ll bring more balance to the defence and has more ability to get forward than both Hughes and Bardsley, who in my opinion has been very ordinary.
    Ofcourse there’s the option of bringing in a new right back….and perhaps we’ll go north of the border for that?

  • what amazed me was the space bardsley was standing in and no one would pass to him. As soon Garnder went right back, he got the ball passed all the time. Do they not like Bardsley or summit?!

  • agree reza, a fit delaney is a great option, but will we ever get a fit delaney? Hope for his sake he can shake his problems, not many better in the Prem. In fact, who is better at right back, anyone care to list?

  • agree with lucas neill,good tough defender who’s also good with the ball and thats something we need in team.also got a release clause if w ham go down,we could get him for free. cannot rely on delaney as he is far too injury prone as he has proved,maybe a pay as he plays deal for a year to see how his injuries go as i rate him still also.

  • Thought Bardsley was very poor on Sunday. Every time he got the ball he played it square or backwards. Maybe that’s why he was given the cold shoulder! New right-back in the summer please MON!

  • I think that Phil Bardsley’s Villa Park days are numbered, and I wouldn’t be altogether too surprised if he missed out on a starting spot this weekend. Personally dont think that Aaron Hughes is the answer though, while can we really pin our hopes on a regularly fully fit Mark Delaney making a come back to fill this problem position next season? Dont discard MD by any means. Lets offer him a six month contract and see how he comes along. I think we have to bring in a new quality right full back, but dont ask me who. I haven’t got a clue. I like the idea of either Luke Young or Lucas Neill, but apart from those two names there doesn’t appear to be too many options out there.

  • I like the old fashioned idea of converting a wingers into a fullbacks – in the kenny swain – john gidman style. easier said than done I know but not impossible.

  • Personally, I’d rather see Mellberg at right back and Cahill alongside Laursen untill we can get another quality defender. Neither Hughes, Bardsley or Delaney are good enough.

  • Baardsley is not good enough, defensively he is ok, but his distribution is poor and offers nothing going forward, delaney is class but will never be fit for a season so we need to look for a right back , luke young and Neill when the west ham fire sale starts, other then those 2 possibly geremi at chelsea, but would he come ???
    other then that some quality unknown from one of the european leagues,

  • I told you all Bardsley was ***** ! And you all mocked me ! HA HA ! WELL I’M RIGHT ARENT I ??? OTHERWISE YOU WOULDNT HAVE HAD THIS POLL ! He is w@nk. Hughes is a good squad player so keep him.

  • Mr Chapel, very ungentlemanly of you to brag 🙂 I take it that that’s the first time you’ve been right?

  • Have to agree with Villacross. Olaf is our best rightback. He reads that possition well and would leave our crown jewels Ridge and cahill in the middle.

  • Olof at right back. Morky, Ridgewell is *****…. sell him to someone else in the midlands

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