Date: 14th December 2006 at 3:55pm
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In an update to the earlier breaking news that Villa were looking for a loan keeper following the injury to Stuart Taylor with Thomas Sorensen already out injuryed, the official site has announced that Villa are set to complete a loan move for Crystal Palace keeper Gabor Kiraly.

The Hungarian signed for Palace from Bundesliga side Hertha Berlin in 2004.

The official site says: His positive attitude and eccentric ways, including doing the splits on the halfway line and his famous grey jogging trousers, means he will be a big hit with the Villa faithful. He has a huge presence in his area and breed confidence in those around him. He is first choice goalkeeper with Hungary and has made over 70 appearances for them.


18 Replies to “Hungarian Eccentric Set To Sign”

  • We are doomed if he plays on Saturday, the guy is a Bruce Grobellar style disaster zone! I hope the Beast gets his chance.

  • he aint a bad goalie,always thought he was quite good for palace when i seen him,he’l do till january when i fancy martin is goin to sign a goalkeeper anyway. have faith lads!

  • just been all over the web checking this guys stats, doesn’t look too bad, a decent stopper, his performance obviously will depend on his fitness, his desire to impress and the welcome he gets, lets give the guy a chance, just remember some of the guys we have had between the sticks. UTV

  • It is happening. Get used to it. However it is not definite that he will start on Saturday as M’ON may go for the Beast and use Kiraly as cover. But if he does, lets give him a great welcome. Keeper wise we are in the brown stuff and the last thing we want to do is destroy a guys confidence.

  • Good signing i think, he’ll do for a few games….any guy that still wears his pj’s is ok in my book…..the best keepers are always nuts, (lehman, bartez, grobbelar to name a couple) they all have moments of madness and moments of genius

  • When he is good he is very, very good, when he is bad, he is well!..a goalie that leaks goals!There are a lot worse, I was hoping Mart Poom from Arsenal…but beggars can’t be choosers!.Craig Gordon from hearts may be a good option in the New Year.Well lads lets keep a high line on Saturday and defend from the front..!

  • Remember Budgie (John Burridge) mad as a fish but he did OK. Then Les Sealey who wasn’t the full ticket. Will be interesting!

  • Cue the “tracksuit from Matalan Chants”. Palace fans I know down here are split 50-50 on this guy, fingers crossed he is only short term .

  • Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Never been impressed with the guy when Ive seen him perform (and thats definitely the right term) for Palace. Hope and trust our lad starts, with Kiraly on the bench. Still, if he does play, he’ll get my full and complete vocal encouragement. We were no doubt very limited to who was out there, and available.

  • Did well in the premiership but not so well in the Championship I thought. Will be interesting to see who MO’N ofts for. But I’m not too worried as I’m sure MO’N knows what he’s doing.

  • Surprised to read that Kiraly is only 30. Obviously his goalkeeping antics have put years on his own head too. The more I think about it, the more I feel its a surprise choice.

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