Date: 7th May 2007 at 11:05am
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Anyone else laugh when they heard Blues had lost and Sunderland had won the title?

Keane has to be the hottest managerial talent around at the moment, if he can impress in the Prem next season, he’s surely the main candidate to replace Sir Alex, another title to his name today too.

Yesterday a good win, superb performance not a long ball tactic anywhere and no Petrov or McCann.

Thought Gardner came of age, Gabby showed again what a potential talent he is, and also how much difference Berger and Laursen could have made over the last few seasons had they been fit, and how wonderfully consistent and talented Gareth Barry has become. His head on and run in the box would have been replayed every 2 minutes had he played for a London club, pure brilliance.

The first major change of the Lerner era opened today at Bodymoor Heath, and what a change that is too. From the dark ages to the future in one fell swoop, congratulations and plaudits Mr Lerner, its a significant plus.

8 games without a defeat is a fantastic performance especially as 3 of the 4 wins were away from home and the last two have included 3 goals something beyond the teams abilities all season, does it mean O’Neill is finally up to speed, seems according to the Sky commentator he now thinks he is, or more accurately he know thinks he will be for next season.

You have to say since the injury to Carew, the suspension to McCann the poor form of Young forced his hand somewhat, the change of style and move of Gabby back to the middle has made all the difference, promising performances have become decent results.

A good end to a, for me, disappointing season on the pitch. I still feel we could have done better, a more positive outlook might have given us the 3 or 4 wins instead of draws needed to gain European qualification.

Still as the full gate yesterday and the opening of the new Bodymoor Heath facility today to say nothing of the above stats show, this nearly completed season has seen a huge sea change from days of yore
The outlook can only be positive, Mr Lerner has made it so. Gone are the days of grumbling about lack of funds, about poor communication, about old fashioned values, things are different, no that’s too simple a word.

Things are changed beyond my wildest expectations, nearly on a par with my finest Villa dreams and its all thanks to Mr Lerner and his cohorts.

Signs are O’Neill is nearly up to speed, I still doubt his inbuilt tactics, but his PR is beyond belief and he seems able and willing to learn.

I seriously question his scouting ability, in comparison to other Premiership clubs, its Celtic or bust so far. Friends at Celtic questioned the prices he paid and the contracts he gave out to older players, Celtic are still paying the cost today, and although Young has like Gabby huge potential 10.5 million, no way, could we sell Gabby for 2 maybe 5 million, I doubt it, 10 I think not.

8.5 million for a player who has flopped this season is no clear recommendation either but on the plus side Maloney was a snip, and Carew fits the O’Neill plan more than Baros did, although I maintain he’s not a 20 goal a season man and we really need one, but so does half of the Premiership.

A war chest has been recently vaunted, the media has started to be convinced, more good PR, more exciting prospects and potential, what more could we want.

Well yesterday showed us all what we want, a repeat of that Rotterdam moment. Its some time off, mind and I’m still not convinced O’Neill is the man to achieve it, but I’m convinced Mr Lerner is. In many ways next season is the most important one in our recent history.

The major changes are ongoing, the signs on the pitch look promising, the manager looks to have finally got going, next season will start full of promises and genuine optimism for the sort of success we as Villa fans have been deprived of for most of Ellis’ time.

I bloody hope it happens.



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  • We`ll never have a better chance,obvious i know but all will be revealed in the Transfer market this Summer.

  • never doubt the manager, especially untill there is reason to do so. everything he has said so far this season has turned out to be 100% true, and if, by the end of the summer, he says we are ready to challenge for europe, thats where we will finish.

    ashley young is a special talent, when he bangs in 10 goals from the wing next season and is up for young prem player of the year 9mill will be a snip

  • Why the hell are you mentioning Blues in the article? BAD beginning, small mindedness. Dude, you can write well enough but you aren’t half a harbinger of ‘fickleness’. MON isn’t this, MON isn’t that….Can’t you see the bigger picture? Can you not enjoy the day? We were doomed to relegation and as clubs like Blackburn and West Ham have found out over the seasons – there is no magical recipe or amount of cash to MAKE success happen. It takes time and no amount of patience. Your comments regarding YOUNG are ill advised – every English player is overpriced. Henry is the only striker to score 20 Premiership goals or more in a season and he can’t even get the Ballon D’Or over old Goofy at Barca. You doubt MON tactics but forget he had a break and is as much sussing out the oppositions talents as his own teams. Those ex-celtic players have kept us up along with Barry and others so stop having a dig at them too. What’s with all the sniping about Celtic and paying the cost as well? WHO cares. Everybody is entitled to their views but you are some way off the mark buddy. Cheer up, smile, relax a little.

  • It’s great to look back at a season and say what if, but if we had won just half of the record amount of draws we’ve had this seson then we would be in Champions League territory already.

  • This season has all been about finding our feet and reaffirming ourselves as a full blooded Premiership team both on and off the field.
    Before this season we were seen as a bit of a joke side due to both our manager and our chairman. At certain times we could not even hold our heads up when engaging the scum, but how things can change in 12 months. All true supporters should be loyal to their clubs whether you are a Boston United fan or a Man Utd fan and should never take their position and standing for granted.
    Aston Villa are now in a position to take a giant leap forward. This should not be taken lightly or for granted. We have been lucky, deservedly so in my opinion but lucky all the same. We have found a benefactor who it seems is not in it for the cash and even more comforting, not in it for a hopeful quick turnaround. I could go on all day about how the new set up is laying such important groundwork and looking after us, the fans, but that has been covered numerous times.
    For me the last two weeks have seen me leave all scepticism behind. It started with a convincing interview with the General, who i am now certain is not just telling us what we want to hear. And of course Saturday, which for me was joyous as well as triumphant and emotional.
    If there was a word for me that has summed up this season it would be “Action”.
    It really does speak louder than words. So for all pessimists take a step back and look how far we have come in so short a time.
    Let?s be positive, let?s back the team and manager, implore your friends to buy a season ticket. But please don’t be fickle and expect the odd hiccup. This is football after all.

  • I hope we are not relying on MONs scouting ability – surely he has enough to do and there is a team behind him doing the scouting!!!!! Maybe, just maybe, he had to go with players he knew to begin with as our scouting system wasn’t up to the job? Coaching the first team won’t give him much time to look at players all over Europe, and if there was a poor team supporting him then I would expect him to go with those players he has worked with before as a stop gap……Also, Young was being chased by a few clubs, and Watford did not want to sell – it is simple supply and demand. If the big 4 all came in for Gabby his price would rocket.

  • What are you looking for? Overnight success? Stop moaning. Reading this article, it seems like you are DESPERATE to find something negative to say…… the vast majority of postings on this site are based on fact – this one has it’s foundations in misery…. judging by the opening line I assume that the writer is one of those that spends more time and energy singing about how much we hate the neanderthols than actually getting behind the Villa.

  • well put Koolbill i second that. I think MON has done a good job so far, at the start of the season i thought we were going to get relegated. MON has Barry playing out of his skin in a position that other managers had tried to play him in, but failed to get anything from him. The team is playing the best football now, than they have played for years. Doing it with only about 4 players that where playing at the start of the season, let alone last season. only 4 of the players that started on the weekend had more than 20 games under belt before the start of the season, most of them had none, most of them still have less than 20 or 30 games. So there has been a lot of transition with an inexperianced bunch of players. It is going to take any manager time to figure out players best positions, especially young players that haven’t played premiership football. so looking at those facts it makes me think that MON has done a pretty good job, i dont know what you expected from MON, AVFC48 but i think you need to lighten up a bit or you will never be happy.

  • How us MON not the person to take us to European glory? He took Celtic to the UEFA final (after beating Barc i think!?) with a Celtic team that we will overshadow by miles within the next few months. Keep the faith, MON is the man, i can think of no other British/European manager i would rather have. He has something special about him and all the plaudits love him.

  • With Money to spend you dont need scouts for picking up bargains, players with potential. When you have the big bucks the Agents will be whoring their wears around the clubs with “cash” to splash.

  • Sorry my facts are wrong, Barca was the 2004 season where they beat them in the 4th round. They made it to 1/4’s that season.

  • Seems like a resounding thumbs up then. Nice. I’ve never seen so many happy Villa fans at New Street station. We love you Martin we do…we love you Martin we do…I am so excited about next season. Might be a good time for a rumours thread on players and sponsors after next match.

  • Things are defo looking up. The end of the season has been a success and I firmly believe we can carry this forward onwards and upwards in to the future. The Nucleus of the team is young enough to learn and grow. MON is as good if not better than anyone who would have took this job at the start of the season and we need to back his decisions and purchases.

  • I dont think this season has been a dissapointment on the pitch.Our performances have been far better than last season.We suffered one of the worst injury crisis suffered by any side at xmas and that caused our season to fall apart as far as euro qualification went.One of the most optimistic periods in the villains history.BRING IT ON.

  • One request – to Mr Fear and the great new owners. Please get some Villa magazines on the shelves. From time to time I travel (at works expense) around the country by train. I would find it absolutely excellent if I could pop into WHSmiths at New Street station and pick up a Villa magazine…I wait with bated breath (did I just say that?!). P.S. This would surely up the money in the coffers too.

  • Is the fact he’s manager of the month down to p.r? Is the fact he’s been courted by many big clubs before coming to us down to p.r.?
    Is the fact that most England fans wanted him as the national team manager down to p.r.? This season was always going to be transitional and I for one am amazed at just how much has been achieved and the manner in which it has been done. And to answer your question, no I didn’t laugh at Blues yesterday because I couldn’t care less about them. I support Villa and am only interested in us and our results.

  • I think to put things into a true perspective we should compare how we feel now with how we felt this time last year. Last year we had Ellis and O’Leary. I think the vast majority of us felt disillusioned, depressed, no hope of any decent signings and resigned to a very likely relegation. Our performances showed no fight, no tactics, no leadership.
    This summer we now have MON and, more importantly Randy. I am optimistic that we will be signing some good quality players. The team have showed improvement and more fight this season. Yes, we still have some way to go but we are building for long term success. I believe we can certainly get a UEFA Cup spot next season, especially if 7th is good enough. The way things are going we could even sneak a UEFA spot next season via the Fair Play League!
    This time last year I was dreading the new season. Now, I cannot wait for next season to start!!


  • AVFC48 Tough crowd, but I agree with most of the feedback, look up not down. Young is Young do you think Wolcott is worth what the gunners paid for him? But its the future remember Rooneys price I think we all thought they over paid. For me this has been a great season culminating in a fantastic finsh, I remember reading at the start of the season everyone thought Mid table this year Europe next. I think we can see that is coming to fruition. Carew swap was inspired, Maloney was already coming at the end of the season so a million to Celtic for 3 months work was fair and Petrov is getting better. The Villa can now look for big signings because the work all season long not just the 1st or last month. MON took over 2 weeks before the start of the season; this is the rise of a fallen giant. UTV

  • Give Young a chance, he is still under 21 and West Ham had offered the same amount in Jan for him so he must be rated. I see quotes that he does that sort of thing (the goal) in training all the time. Another thing, Gabby is in the top 14 players in the opta index so he must be worth at least 5 mill, again he is under 21.
    I know that we have seen false dawns before but this is not one.
    Have patience and faith and AVFC48

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