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Mark Richards says: One of my favourite H&V features is the fives that are usually on the inside back cover (I`m old fashioned in thinking that there`s still a paper copy of every edition somewhere). I`ve written my own list of fives, but they`re a bit more Villa-inspired than the usual obscure eighties bands and Albanian bank holidays that get put out. (Used with permission)

A Bunch Of Aston Villa Fives – I Wish I’d Been…
A Bunch Of Fives: Heroes Of Aston Villa
Aston Villa Cult Heroes. A Fine Bunch Of Fives

I never could see what the fuss was about:

Dean Saunders. The first example of style over substance that a ‘name` could generate, he cost us a record fee, scored a few early on then went missing when it mattered. A goal every three games, including penalties, and there are still some of our supporters who talk about him like the second Gerd Muller.

Juan Pablo Angel. Another one who because he was a name (and South American to boot) had a status out of all proportion to what he actually did for us. Another record signing, another one in three player. Poor Juampi got treated so badly by the Vila, what with making him slum it in the Belfry all on his own. My heart bled for him then, it still does.

Benito Carbone. A decent debut and that hat-trick against Leeds. Two games in half a season, yet again he was lauded as the missing piece in the jigsaw. Granted he looked a world-beater in the centre circle, but stick him anywhere near the action and he vanished.

Paul Merson. Eric Cantona was once called a little player in big games and a big player in little games. I`ve lost count of the number of arguments I`ve had with Villa fans when I`ve said this about Merson. If you don`t agree with me, go ahead and name one top team he played well against without using the words ‘Leeds` and ‘FA Cup`. Granted he was shit-hot against Manchester City, but I bet he wouldn`t be if he was around now.

John Carew. Once again, a big star name can cover up a multitude of discrepancies, such as going months without scoring and not playing at all if you don`t fancy it. Carew`s idea of one in three was one good month and two bad ones and he must be the only Scandinavian in history who didn`t like the cold weather. A big fanny, as my Scottish granddad would say, if he`d come from Scotland

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