Date: 28th July 2017 at 12:35pm
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Well I don’t like this one bit!

Short termism gone mad maybe.

Aston Villa have announced that 26 -year-old Nathan Baker has been sold to one of our Championship rivals.

The official site say the defender has joined City on a four year deal.

Another of our youth academy blocked by the purchase of older players. Now fine, John Terry is a good short term shout and should bring leadership to the team and set a good example. But who better to set an example to than a fellow central defender 10 years his junior?

The reaction on twitter (see the embed as above) and amongst those I follow reflects how I feel. He was great for us last season I thought.

Bearing in mind Tommy Elphick* (inferior to Baker) is being linked with moves away as well, if JT and the injury prone Samba get injured, then what?

Hmmm. Well, I hope Bruce knows what he is doing, of all the players I’d love to see gone, Baker was not one of them.

Good luck Nathan.

* Tommy Elphick: Aston Villa Transfer News – A Small Round-up and to Blues: The Latest AVFC Transfer Links – Could A Legend Return? to Blues or Sunderland now: Click Here

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24 Replies to “I Think This Is Ridiculous! Nathan Baker Sold”

  • Absolutely bloody ridiculous. What is going on at our club? Good luck NB, always one of us.

  • Agree with you 100% Mr Fear. As I stated in a previous post, I was looking forward to seeing
    how Nathan Baker developed with JT alongside.
    SB has just lost any positive opinion I had about him. Totally stupid decision and I am furious.
    SB had better ma

  • Goes to show, you might want to get rid of the deadwood first but if their are no takers, then unpopular choices need to be made. I reckon Bruce would like to keep him but I guess after evaluating the entire squad, including the crop of good young players

  • A good Championship defender at best, definitely a squad player but the lad want regular football and to be honest Terry, Chester and Samba have more quality. Good business!

  • An under 30 Centre Back , he had to go !! Can’t believe it ,so stupid ,on a par with selling Cahill methinks

  • I put Baker in the same category as Hutton, they always give 100% but you always feel a mistake is just around the corner. The lad is 4th choice CB, if Terry, Chester and Samba are fit they are in ahead of him all day long. Like most I would prefer Richar

  • This is a Gary Cahill situation. Seemed to remember SB commenting on the club letting go of players like Cahill, Albrighton and Bannan and suggesting it mustn’t be allowed to happen again. SB cannot be happy with this. It must be an accountancy decision.

  • Baker was ok at best. Always gave 100% but error prone and forever injured or coming off injured. Where we want to be and return Baker isn’t good enough.

  • Two different factions here, I’m in the ‘he’s an average player, we can do better, good price’ section , others think its ridicoulus. For too long we’ve accepted average as being good enough , others who should go are Richards, McCormack, Elphick and yes

  • My heart says we have lost a player of the future. We now have an aged defence with Terry and Samba, that in itself makes me nervous. Injuries come easy after a certain age in football and i expect both of them to be crocked at some point in the season. I

  • For what it’s worth, I think this is a decision made looking for the future. I don’t like losing one of our own, and I thought he didn’t do badly last term but he was still part of the team that brought us down. His injury record, occasional concentration

  • sad but good luck to him,,,, but we have to trim this squad,,, and he is mid table championship at best,,,,, thats not to say he could not get better but we need to be looking for a big signing next season if we get promoted
    plus it was a good amount

  • If we get back into premier league,like most players we got, they are simply not good enough. We need a whole new squad if we get promoted. As for now ffp is really affecting us. Don’t believe it’s Dr x. Also deadwood like McDonald’s, agoalayear and Richa

  • Ha sorry anyone seen any mention on how much we got for him? Considering who we sold him to, the fact Baker is not a ‘star’ player and the fact we are renowned for getting ripped off, I’d say, at best, we got £3m plus a larger than usual ‘sell on’ percent

  • Good point marlin. The fact that the fee has not (yet) been disclosed is probably a sign that it
    is very low. That’s another reason why this is plain stupid. As for Baker being number 4, why
    would he be automatically behind Samba ? and JT is not going t

  • Toner and Suliman are younger and excellent prospects. Bedeau and Borg also getting good reviews. Bakes always gave 110%, but a mistake or injury were always around the corner, a bit like Clark who nobody seems to be crying over now. I totally agree with

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