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Okay so we’ve had the Paul Lambert wibbling about language barriers and as you’d expect he’s not shy in coming forward now when it comes to his thoughts on Aston Villa and the predicament we find ourselves in, but given the rewriting of history that went on under Martin O’Neill and still does as fans pick sides, Lambert is definitely in good company given some of the latest comments.

Audio – No Redknapp & Lambert On Language

Yes folks, straight out of the Doug Ellis we’re signing Ronaldo playbook, the Birmingham Mail have Lambert quoted as bemoaning the expectations surrounding the club (what, to avoid another relegation battle?) and we get a return to the Romelu Lukaku BS he’s served up before.

For those of you who remember, as the pressure was piling on, Lambert was more than happy for the press to lead with we couldn’t afford Lukaku in the summer of season two (yes it got shi**er), he just didn’t correct anybody that we were in fact looking at Lukaku on a loan spell back in the summer of season one, but instead of doing a deal for him, we went for the already scouted Christian Benteke.

No correction on we spent the Lukaku money on Benteke, no mention of the fact it was either/or and certainly no mention of the fact it was 12 months before the story gained traction – but that didn’t suit the PR nature of things did it.

‘The expectancy level outweighs the realism at the club at the minute. It was very heard for me from day one, everyone knew that Randy wanted to sell the football club. The most I ever spent was on Christian Benteke , I spoke to some really top players but we just couldn’t do it. The players I wanted to bring to Aston Villa were big players, I spoke to Lukaku and Bony when I was there.’

Now Bony, I wonder what year that was in?

For the cynical amongst us though maybe we should question if we were in for Bony, what became our second choice under this manager who wanted to work with big players – Jordan Bowery or Nicklas Helenius?

It can only have been one of them, and logic would state if we couldn’t do a deal for Bony who moved for £12million back the summer of 2013, was Lambert really trying to stretch the striker portion of his budget by circa £11million?


I’m going out for a steak tonight…oh look McDonalds?

Other media have him saying he spoke to Christian Eriksen’s agent ahead of his move to Tottenham as well as Nacer Chadli – so the presumption is the summer of 2013 for Bony in my humble – and we spent £17.2million with Libor Kozak being the late addition for £7million.

One thing that should be said is for all Lambert’s failings and own choices of players that now gets re-written much like Timmy never signed anybody (apart from those he did of course) is that Lambert looks a hell of a lot better as a man now without the pressure of being hamstrung at B6, and whilst people might disagree on how many hands he had tied behind his back, he still spent good sums on players in a net spend capacity given we couldn’t give away the self created bombsquad, but he does his association no good with spin and nonsense like the above.

If he was honest he’d have to admit he should’ve done better given what he had and be honest enough to admit some of his punt signings just didn’t work, and instead of going for numbers he should’ve put those sums together and invested in quality more slowly and used to begin with what we had at the club instead of so quickly maligning them and our options – even if he wanted to replace them down the line.

There were better words though and for me at least an indication of he knows he fouled up in his own spending so isn’t looking for excuses on that front.

‘That’s what I had to work with, it’s still a great club, but it should never be bottom of the Premier League. What is Aston Villa at the moment? They have great fans, a great stadium, great training ground – big clubs are up there competing every season. I knew the history of the club and the expectations, but to compete in the Premier League you have to have money. I didn’t have a lot of money to spend and the bottom line is you have to be prepared to bring in big players. The manager has to have the last say on signings, who is coming in and who isn’t coming in. There was never any turmoil over recruitment when I was at the club.

His choice, and too many punts that wasted the budget and offered very little in return – Paddy Riley and Hendrik Almstadt were with him as well for a period.

But on the pitch recruitment of any sort never seems to affect results does it thesedays!

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