Date: 19th January 2018 at 3:58pm
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The Birmingham Mail, amongst others, have quoted Tottenham Hotspur boss Mauricio Pochettino as saying he is still considering whether to recall on-loan midfielder Josh Onomah who has played 25 times for us so far this season.

Now, the 20-year-old is learning his trade so I don`t expect him to be a world beater match in and match out, but is he really better than our own youth players? I hate the loan system anyway, but that is probably my problem and a totally different argument! I personally would not allow any club to loan a player to a club in the same division or the one division down. It`s deflating to see us being a feeder club for Spurs, a club we used to be neck and neck with in all time top level wins and all time Premiership wins.

Where was I?

Oh yes, Poch… he`s told the press again that he does have a recall and he is still deciding.

This is one of the reasons I hate the system. At the moment, he`s on loan, now if Poch wants him back, just shut up and do it. If not, just shut up full stop. This unsettles the player and he`s hardly looked interested or in top form of late has he? Having O`Hare wide to find a spot for Onomah in the FA Cup debacle really was a missed opportunity for Steve Bruce to asses what our own young player could do. Why the pressure to have Onomah on, when we obviously won`t be keeping him? Why not bring our own youth through – who like the 20-year-old spud, could sink or swim. We don`t know unless we try and we`ve seen far too many driven out of Villa from lack of chances to go on to play perfectly well for their new clubs. Marc Albrighton winning the league with Leicester springing instantly to mind.

Sorry, where was I again? Oh yes, Poch: He said in the press conference: “Josh still continues there but we still have a week or 10 days to decide if he stays or we bring him back here.”

Lovely way to help Steve Bruce and Villa prepare for the weekend Pochettino. Frankly if I was running Aston Villa – and God help us if I was (!) – I would take the decision out of their hands and post Josh back. I`d be fair with the lad, I`d send him first class.

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8 Replies to “I Wish The Spurs Manager Would Just Shut Up”

  • I agree with you there Fear. I hate the idea that we’re a training ground for a Spurs player but I’ delighted with Johnstone and Snodgrass. I guess the difference there is the latter can potentially become Villa players. An injury to Grealish (touch wood)

  • Totally agree – especially the bit about playing O’Hare wide in the cup game, his best position is clearly not going to be as a winger, so why play him out of position???
    As for Onomah being invaluable if Grealish gets injured, I disagree… For a No.10,

  • Totally agree – but at the same times its good to see harry McKirdy head out on loan. So maybe I only like this loan idea when it benefits us? Fickle? Nah, course not!

  • I thought Onomah looked decent earlier in the season, he’s clearly hit a poor run of form over the last couple of months though and needs a spell on the bench. Every team in this division will be looking to get people in on loan from PL teams or abroad –

  • He couldn’t lace Jack’s boots , doesn’t look interested most of the time . I’d send him back he’ll never make it with Us or Spurs

  • Just a thought: Is this Pottechino saying pick him or I’ll recall him? It it is, he is asking us to put Onomah’s career ahead of the club. Only one answer to that.

  • Put up or shut up. If you want him back, just get on and recall him and put an end to this nonsense of a loan. I guess Pochettino expected Onomah would breeze into the side and play most of the matches, but it’s not really worked out that way.

    As such

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