Date: 28th September 2009 at 11:58am
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The Birmingham Mail have some interesting comments from soon to be former (or she former now.. and do I actually care?!) Blues manager director Karren Brady and I’m sorry to say, I agree with her 100%

She was talking about the Blues fans and the song they came up with about Gabby Agbonlahor aimed at his mom. This was a song picked up by the Cardiff City fans at our home Carling Cup game last week also.

Brady, soon to be on the Apprentice replacing the lovely Margaret the expressive eye brow lady (!) said:

‘‘There are a growing number of disgusting chants on the terraces and I hate them. Agbonlahor responded with dignity.’

Bang on Karren, who lets face it, has to take a bloody horrible and unnecessary song from Villa fans (just for balance and to show this article isn’t aimed at Blues fans with the suggestion that Villa / any other set of fans are any different or whiter than white).

There is banter, there is passion and then there is just straight abuse eg the rubbish Sol Campbell and Matthew Upson have to put up with. I don’t get it, I never have (and I think the songs back in the day used to be just as bad and often worse) and never will. There is no need to be so revolting to these people surely?

I know some will think this is a bit prissy of me, it isn’t meant to be, but there have to be limits. I don’t care if a player is black, white, yellow or purple. I don’t care if they are gay or straight, I don’t care if they have lovely or horrible girlfriends and I don’t and won’t join in with songs about such unimportant subjects and I most especially would NEVER lower myself to call a players mother, wife or whatever pathetic names. That is totally totally totally out of order and no amount of wages or adulation prepares a player for having to listen to things like that.

Gabby, I agree, has dealt with it with great dignity and I hope he continues to ram the words down the opposing fans throats by doing the one thing that leaves them totally gutted – scoring against them.

Here endeth the sermon.

Whilst talking about songs, one incident that did make me laugh was a fan from another Vital site coming on slating the Villa fans for what he called the stupid Gabby song ‘he’s fast as…. wait for it… THOR’ We had to explain to him that the word was f… not Thor..!

Made me laugh anyway!

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