Date: 18th January 2010 at 10:10pm
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Great thread in 100% Villa – well I think it is great anyway..!

Erod asked:

Seems to me we’ve been in this position many times, three class players short of a top side.

Will the board do what Ellis was never prepared to do….make Villa great?

As none of us are being paid millions a year to find these class players we cant be expected to know the market. However we all have our favourites from the past so I thought it might be fun to ‘sign’ three and see if we could make a side to compete for the title.

My first hero’s were Sims and Dugdale so i have a few to choose from. I have chosen Cowan’s, Little and Gray so my team is….

Young Collins Dunne Warnock
Young Milner Cowan’s Downing
Little Gray

Tough on Gabby but he would be first on the bench and would be equally at home playing with Little or Gray.

Messrs Carew and Heskey would be on their bikes.

Anyone got a better team ?

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