Date: 2nd January 2007 at 11:22pm
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I think I must be allergic to Chelsea, this is a second season in a row that my brain ache decided to play up and prevented me from going, I wouldn’t mind, but as a season ticket holder, I’ve already paid for that seat and want full value out of it. Ho hum, I could moan but no bugger would listen, these brain diseases are very over rated I must say, only time I ever get the benefit is on Halloween when I can scare the kids with my scars! On the bright side, I’ve not got the energy for a long ramble, so this will no doubt be my shortest ever match report!

So, an armchair view was all I got tonight, saw my mates sitting by the dug out on the camera’s, at least they got a rest from me rattling on and the steward in front won’t have been deafened by me rattling the hoardings, not that there would have been much to rattle about in the first half, probably least said soonest mended, apart from a Didier Drogba miss, there really was little to report, Chelsea dominated but didn’t penetrate, sounds like me when I used to go the school disco’s actually. 🙁

The second half Villa came out with more purpose and made a fight of it and certainly blunted Chelsea far more as the Russian moneybags caught the Villa disease and tried to pass the ball into the net, there were very few shots on target by them and apart from a great chance for Lampard to take all three points in the 90th minute, a chance he happily spurned, there was little to separate the teams.

This was a well deserved draw and judging by the fact their sub Shevchenko cost nearly as much as our whole squad is worth, we didn’t do badly, but you do have to wonder, especially with their depleted defence and a third choice keeper between the posts, why we couldn’t at least muster one shot?

A draw will do handsomely judging by our recent run, but lets hope and pray that next season we aren’t having to just settle and lets also hope we find a player who can unlock defences and get the ball to the strikers, I still say in the right team Baros would score a shed load, at the moment Villa isn’t the right team, we don’t give the strikers supply and the strikers don’t get many chances to shoot. That has to change, simple really! You put Baros in Man Utd or even Chelsea’s starting eleven and he’d get 20 a season, some of you will no doubt disagree strongly about that, but look at his record for the Czech Republic before writing off a quality player like him, he should be our jewel in the crown, not a bench warmer.

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Player Ratings

Kirally 4
nearly cost us the game dropping a simple ball from a corner, come back Sorensen AND SOON.

Mellberg 6
back on the right and never as comfortable, but well involved in the game, lets face it, we got a clean sheet.

Cahill 7.5
young, good prospect, clean sheet, say no more!

Ridgewell 7
nearly scored, clean sheet, one slip up that could have cost a goal, but it didn’t so no worries this time!

Bouma 5.5
worked hard to get the ball but often gave it away. Samuel must be getting closer.

McCann 7
breaks up so much of our opponents play and does the scruffy stuff well.

Davis 5
awful, couldn’t have passed wind tonight I’m afraid, one for the future but in an ideal world would be getting a rest now.

Gardner 6
was doing ok but pulled his groin and had to come off on the 27th minute.

Petrov 5
hopefully he’ll soon be back from injury, or was he playing? Dire free kick was his main contribution.

Agbonlahor 6
brighter, used a bit of pace, but end ball isn’t good.

Angel 5
so sloppy passing it was unbelievable but then, the idea of a striker is to get the supply to them to shoot so he is never going to look great in these sort of games.

Osbourne (on for Gardner on 27)
Can’t see that Hendrie wouldn’t have been a better option short term, it is a massive ask for a player this young and inexperienced, but did his bit.

Baros – (on for Davis 75)
the whole team seemed to perk up when he came on, please play him, Angel and Gabby v Manure.


35 Replies to “I’m Allergic To Chelsea”

  • Might as well go for the hattrick, the reason was he fought hard to get the ball back throughout but gave it away as soon as he got it.

  • Good battling display..still lacking that cutting edge and why Angel feels the need to run towards a player in possesion instead of looking for space baffles me.Petrov needs like minded one touch players to complement him and I believe Hendry is capable in the short term.Agree 100% on the Baros front he needs games and I see no reason why he can’t play the Luke Moore role in a 433.

  • Mr Fear, what rubbish you spout.
    Bouma was a revelation tonight. First time I’ve seen the guy really put it in. If he could play like that on a regular basis (when fit) then Mr Barry could be free to play where he should wide in midfield. McCann was superb and all round it was a great battling second half.
    Why do you score players individually when it is so obvious that you either missed the game or, want to get a reaction from the people reading your rating.

  • Thouht Bouma played better and looked fitter than he has in ages and kept our future signing quiet, Angels touch was letting him down tonight as was Osbournes, the annoying thing was it was always in areas where we could have gone on to a shooting chance, agree that Baros changed the game, should have come on earlier, good display a happy Villan.

  • I would have to say that was Bouma’s best game for Villa. I am still not convinced by Baros but think we need to play 2 up front as Angel was too isolated, so it was impossible to mount any decent attacks. Credit to the lads for the effort though! UTV SOTC

  • Surely Baros is worth a starting place? He upped the tempo when he arrived, pity he wasn’t introduced a good twenty minutes or so earlier at least. Freddie Bouma and Gavin McCann were I thought our best performers on the night. Deserved a point, would have been three if we had offered any sort of threat up front.

  • thought villa did a good job ‘containing’ chelsea as it was put. quite a dull game, but neither team seemed to be consistently good.

    chelsea just couldnt get through villa, they done a good job putting up walls of player when chelsea wanted to shoot.

  • Thought Bouma was class last night too. Time to move Barry back to left wing for a bit of creativity.

  • Angel was outstanding, yes some of his passes went astray but his work rate was immense. I would have given him 8

  • know what its like to miss games through being ill, i have a stinky cold and cough so missed arsenal last night , and had Barry also not have missed last night you might have had all 3pts by my reckoning.

  • Have to disagree about Wilf! He was outstanding last night, really got stuck in. McCann was back to his awful self IMO. His tackling was second rate and passing was terrible. To be fair though none of them could pass the ball last night. Agbonlahor needs to learn how to control the ball. Yes he can run but good lord his ball control is crap!

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