Date: 29th August 2007 at 1:33pm
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could we be greedy and ask for more please?
I’m almost too excited to speak. I’m also a sarcastic bugger.

The club have announced that Aston born Zat Knight has completed a £3.5million move from Fulham to Villa.

The 27-year-old giant centre back has signed a four-year deal.

Zat said:

‘I have been supporting Villa ever since I first got to know and understand about football really, so it was from a young age. I’m from Aston for starters, so it always made complete sense to support them. Villa were my local team, simple as that. I remember my first game at Villa Park as well, but I was actually quite old by the time I went to see my first game there. I think I must have been about 14. I was certainly at senior school anyway. It was an evening European game against Inter Milan. I remember Dennis Bergkamp was playing for Inter – but we beat them though!’

Adding on the official site; ‘The problem was that I was always playing football on the weekend or going training in the evenings so I never got to go to games much. I really haven’t seen that many because I’ve always been playing, and once I turned pro that made it even harder to go to games. I had trials at schoolboy level for Villa but it never got any further than that. As a youngster that was obviously really disappointing, but as it turned out I got opportunities elsewhere and it all turned out good in the end.’

Zat was singed for Fulham in 1999 by Kevin Keegan. He has two international caps, both from 2005.

What a dream, a fan and now a player for the club. Good luck Zat.

Now Martin, I know you’ve spent wildly throughout this summer, but could we be greedy and ask for more please?


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  • I know its crazy to talk about the potential of a 27 year old, but I honestly feel Zats best days are ahead of him, and next season could signal the start of a partneship with Cahill that could grow and mature of the next 5 or 6 years! Decent signing in my book

  • The more I think about it, the better it feels. I believe he is better than Ridgewell and no way is Davies 3 times the player! Lets hope Hoyte, Rosienier, Taylor and Defoe follow shortly!

  • Zat Knight could prove to be a good aquisition if used in the right manner. I don’t think anyone would rate him above Mellberg or Laursen (or Cahill for that matter), but we need strength in depth and this is how you start to build that. I’m personally not sure that he’s substantially better than Ridgewell, though he does have considerbaly more pace, so he can offer something our other three central defensive options don’t have. If we struggle with injuries and suspensions come the crucial November to February stretch of the season, having a player with Knight’s experience to come in will ensure we stay far stronger than we could last year. Additionally, his presence from this day forward will hopefully increase competition for places and push those in the starting places to maintain/improve their current form. Either way, it’s a signing that makes us stronger. It’s not ‘sexy’ and it’s not gonna make headlines, but clearly MO’N sees this as another piece of the jigsaw. If he is still keen to bring in Curtis Davies aswell as the local press believe, and can make that deal happen this week, we’ll have a wealth of options across the back line that I don’t think we’ve ever had before. A right-back next please………

  • He hope he does well and rams the words down my throat but in my opinion he is cack. Also isnt it about time that people got off Harewoods back, he was getting slated on Saturday before he even came on, pathetic.

  • IMO this is a bad signing, Knight is in the same mould as Titus Bramble a poor c/b who is prone to making terrible mistakes that costs goals. no better than Ridgewell…..!

  • the only way he strengthens us is because of those O’eill has sold.
    Hughes was as experienced, Internationally more so, arguably displaced him at Fulham, and was on the books.
    As to inviting him on board, can this drivel stop, it doesn’t push my guilt button one bit, and I’d doubt it pushes anyone else’s. If you are happy with second rate players enjoy, mid table Martin and mid table mediocrity amongst Villa fans, wouldn’t be the first time
    What successful clubs need are winners, on the pitch and in the stands, Knight is a make weight, a typical O’Neill purchase of the 80’s pity most of us live in 2007 and had thought our clubs finances if not the managers ability were up to better

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but the idea of a transfer window is to get all the bog-standard clogger squad players at the start of the window so they can be used for the August games if needed. So why sign someone of Zat’s “quality” at this stage? I’ve praised MON all along, and have said he will bring the players in by the time the window shuts (check my article sif you want 😉 ) but even I’m starting to worrying now as his pattern of signing players this summer isn’t quite “right,” for lack of a more suitable world.

  • * suitable word that should be – in a suitable world all the players would be in by now, and they’d be world-class, Champions League regulars! But that world and reality don’t mix.

  • I might be totally wrong, but does MON think he can mold (or is it mould) us into the modern day version of Leicester City? Long ball, big lads, low quality and high passion? If he does, I think he’ll be proved very wrong, those days are over if you want to be at the top level. Still, Wed, Thursday and Friday left, maybe miracle upon miracle, we’ll get the quality we’ve failed to get all summer?

  • decent signing as long as hes back up squad player and we bring in a better defender like curtis davis or metersacker

  • A modern day version of Leicester? Did you see us on Saturday Fear or were you too busy banging the advertising hoardings as usual? 😉 lol We played an attacking game along the ground with pace and excitement. So far removed from his old Leicester team. I think thats how he wants us to play most games but when things aint going too well a big bruiser like Knight could be just what we need.

  • I think you are wrong JPF. MON used those tactics at Leicester because that’s what he had to work with. He made the best of the materials he had and played to their strengths. To paraphrase Cloughie, its players that win games, not tactics. It seems to me that MON has been ‘less than happy’ when we have played the long ball, and has wanted the team to play football. Doesn’t sound like ‘long ball, big lads, low quality’ stuff to me. As for high passion, yes please – every match we play!

  • Bought no doubt as a good, solid second-string central defender which is much needed. Hopefully Davies from WBA will follow in next 2 days to become 1st choice replacement for Mellberg or Laursen. Looks like Gardner has won the RB slot. Welcome aboard Zat and the very best wishes from all Villa fans.

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