Date: 27th July 2006 at 1:51pm
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I can’t believe the last few days, from excitement at bids coming in, to the fact that a fabulous option (and I repeat, we don’t have the details of any of them, so can’t fully back any of them ) being driven away.

Doug Ellis is Chairman of Aston Villa plc. That means he has a duty to all shareholders. He is trying to sell the club and will make a personal fortune BUT STILL he wants to stay in power and expects a billionaire to report to him.


Anyway, I came to the conclusion last night that I could no longer go to Villa Park whilst Ellis remains in power.

I hope that a deal goes through quickly and this becomes the worlds shortest boycott, but I’m joining the disenfranchised until Doug Ellis is no longer in power at Aston Villa.

I am still hopeful that something will happen, a full bid will come in and be accepted if not I’m not sure if Mr Ellis realises the backlash that might come his way, the little protests will – I would expect – be a thing of the past and mayhem would be the order of the day. Lets hope for the good of all, that doesn’t become necessary.


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  • Excellent interview on SSN at lunchtime Mr. Fear. Voiced the thoughts of the majority of Villa fans perfectly I thought

  • I came to the same conclusion about 2 years ago mate. It’s killed me not going down every other week, but however small I felt I needed to make my own personal stand against Herbert!!

  • Nice one JP. We must talk to him through his balance sheet its the only way. If he messes any more of the deals up Im up for whatever action is organised by the fans groups.

  • I live in Woodford Green in London and have decided to buy a Dagenham and Redbridge season ticket. Serious. FIrst home game is against Oxford on Aug 15th. See you there.

  • Welcome to the club. I’ve been boycotting Villa for nearly ten years, if everyone had done the same this cretinous chairman would have been history long ago.

  • Even though I agree that a boycott is the only option left, I can’t help but feel sorry for the players in all of this. How are they going to feel if they run out at the Emirates Stadium with no away fans or at Villa Park against Reading with only about

  • dont feel sorry for them mate, they earn in a week what most of us folk earn in a year, although i dont dislike any villa players, the ones who are being *****ed about are YOU! not the players, they have their nice mansions and ferrari’s to go home to…

  • My dad has boycotted because of the old man for 10+ years now. I and my borthers followed suit this year. If you or your contacts are reading this Mr Learner, there are bucks to be made and smiles to be put on fans faces here. Dont run off because of one

  • I will boycott the home games, but providing there is ticket availability continue to support them on their travels

  • Ellis is an idiot, I would certainly boycott the home games but if you really want to show how much support Villa have go the away games. Revenue will not go to Ellis but at least you can still support the team.

  • The players will be OK no matter what. I’m not saying they don’t care, but at the end of the day it’s just a job for them. As elmo says they earn more in a week than most of us in a year, and have their luxuries to go home to, so they’ll be fine. It is

  • I’m in the same boat AC. My Dad has been following Villa for 65 years. He stood on the Holte and watched Gerry Hitchens and he hasn’t been to Villa Park for 10 years. He’s one of 6 brothers, all who have followed Villa all of their lives and they have all

  • Probably highly unlikely, and would realistically never happen but if away fans boycotted games also that would hurt deadly even more!!!

  • JF – I wrote that article in my own words on ICB’ham this morning!! Does Ellis not realise the pressure he will receive? For the good of his own health, liability and welfare he needs to give it up!!

  • On the upside, once Ellis goes then all these people and more will flock back. Ellis costs the club far more money than he ever ‘saves’ with his stupid ways.

    I am with Mr Fear on this one, and will be one of the many partying in the Witton Lane stand

  • Lee, I really don’t think he does realise the pressure he will be under and the backlash he will get from the supporters. The bloke lives in cloud cuckoo land and I think he seriously underestimates the strength of supporter feeling. I reckon he thinks it

  • England failed to win the World cup because of Erickson, He would nearly be as bad as O’Dreary. Ellis has lost the respect of most of the fans, he has no choice but to go.

  • I have thought for some time Ellis has no intention of leaving and nothing he’s done in the last 2 weeks makes me change my mind

  • I just drove past VP on the way back to the office to see if I could spot any activity…gues what….there was nothing.

    I did notice there are no ellis out banners. What do you say everyone in the area get down to VP tomorrow and tie an ELLIS OUT ban

  • Dont worry about ellis , as soon as somone buys him out he wont have the power anymore thank ****. Although he never got us into debt its time to move villa foward and take chances otherwise we will be down with the blue scum.

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