Date: 7th July 2018 at 4:41pm
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The Mirror have officially outdone themselves this week.

More than a decade ago Villa fans were talking about the accuracy of their ‘exclusives’ given they claimed Gustavo Cisneros was flying over to complete a deal with Doug Ellis and we can only presume that he’s still on that plane as he was never mentioned again. The Mirror had moved onto other things – Cisneros won’t mean anything to anybody who doesn’t remember the takeover nonsense relatively well when Doug was selling up and Randy was the then Knight in Shining Armour.

It doesn’t really matter, it’s just one of the many completely irrelevant things stuck in my head and published by the outlet over the years.

In recent times given the shift in the press full stop, I know the instruction comes from their bosses as they re-imagine click bait as something to be proud of, but one such story, well it wasn’t even a story, it was a wibble on their transfer ticker that it appears not everybody on the interweb realises is a load of guff. It sparked the now endless rehashes stating that Tottenham have already agreed terms with Jack Grealish, but are yet to agree a fee with Aston Villa itself.

It’s an insult to both clubs.

Now don’t get me wrong, we all know ‘agents’ and the role they play and nobody is naive enough to think deals aren’t done 100% of the time with the full knowledge of the selling club. But to state it as fact given the regulations that surround tapping up, whilst playing the line ‘Steve Bruce is resigned’ to losing him and not even suggesting as an afterthought that permission has been given…it’s flat out shoddy from an outlet who should know better.

It stokes up both fanbases and causes issues where none should exist, all because they want an extra click or two. Sports, especially football journalism has long been an oxymoron, these days it seems some have forgotten what that word even means as they sink to new lows.

Who knows, a deal could be done, it could be on the verge of being done with the complete knowledge of whoever the hell is now running our club (they have my sympathy given the mess they have been asked to clean up) but would somebody really run to the Mirror to break this ‘exclusive news’?

It doesn’t strengthen Spurs’ position, it doesn’t help Jack’s if he wants out and it doesn’t help us in selling him if that decision has been made. Such an ‘exclusive’ here benefits only one irrelevant party – it simply keeps a tabloid operating.

As for the sites on Friday claiming ‘exclusives’ about Leeds United and Jonathan Kodjia…Christ, I’m off to boil my head. Did they accidentally stumble across one the many thousands of comments from Villa fans on the internet wondering which club he might be off to if an offer came in.

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11 Replies to “I’m Not Sure What’s Worse, The State Of Villa Or Modern Journalism”

  • The Mirror are the same as most papers it’s fake news and journalists who can’t be bothered to check the facts. Just write crap and more so if it benefits London clubs, The mirror are a crap paper run by dumbos anyway.

    • This issue for us is the Mirror own the Brum Mail that’s why there’s been a change in their direction. It’s NOT the staff I hasten to add Derek. If I worked for Trinity Mirror I have 2 choices – write what they are or quit…

  • Agree with most of the comments above. One slightly worrying element to the Mirror stories at the moment is that our late unlamented CEO seems to be ‘feeding’ them bits of stories, certainly about himself and his role in ‘saving’ the club, or at least ensuring that the finances were more balanced. We don’t need this negative drivel and I hope his lawyers will get him to desist.

  • Certain newspapers and bloggers are able to write untrue crap without being answerable to readers of their tosh, readers who often through logical thought process will know more than said papers and bloggers.

    • Every writer is answerable to their readers John…you have the choice not to come back ultimately.

  • Football seems to be more afflicted that any other sport with lazy or crap journalism. Some of the blogs and on-line news outlets demonstrate no research or writers with very low IQs – or both.

    The well aired figure Levy is prepared to pay Villa for Grealish and the figure the club wants are just values plucked out of the air. No public negotiation has occurred, even if I dare say we will likely be disappointed with his final sale price. It will be very unlikely we can solve our FFP challenge from his departure alone, but some of the press are inferring this.

    The other confusion shown by many has been the problems with our cashflow and FFP. These are two separate issues, but some think a big bucket of cash from a minority investor will sort out the latter. It will not.

    Only the sale from a handful of the squad will make decent inroads into our FFP woes. Clearly, the sale of Gollini and Gil have to be factored in and I understand the revenue from Veretout and Amavi received in the current year will help. All told though, I think probably three bigger sales will have go through. The suggested Elphick or
    Bjarnason transfers would help, but are not likely to make a big positive impact in themselves (I still hope we keep the latter at least).

    Although Bruce probably sees his current job as potentially his last one with a bigger club, I do wonder how he will react if he loses, say, Chester, Grealish and Kodjia? He may get the odd free deal or loan agreed, should enough income be seccured through sales, but the likes of the acquisition of McGoldrick will hardly act as an adequate backfill. Will the manager start to get twitchy?

    Despite having genuine reservations in regard to the Tyke, any more leadership change would be detrimental at this stage.

    • It always has been, that isn’t new Tony. But this last year even football reporting seems to have forgotten fair play and is focusing on the leeway sports gives writers in a way, say, Political journalists can’t.

      A decade ago we used to run ‘Ronaldo Signs’ joke pieces for transfers etc – these days it wouldn’t be a joke and we see them left, right and centre even if Ronaldo isn’t the name used.

      I don’t agree with all of the rest of what you say, but I more than understand the thrust and I actually will nick it for tomorrow – cheers.

  • Remember, the priority of newspapers is to sell papers not news. Most of the regional newspapers belong to the Clickbait Square empire. The same story will be written in each “regional”” newspaper but with an added tweak to suit the region. The one that really disgusts me is the supposed feud between Newcastle and Villa where the Birmingham Mail tells us that Micky Quinn says something about us in the Newcastle Chronicle and then the Chronicle tells Newcastle about Villa fans frothing at the mouth about Quinn’s words in the Mail.

  • An excellent piece Mike. I’m just concerned how gullible our fan base has become!

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