Date: 24th February 2018 at 5:21pm
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That game was RIDICULOUS.

You`ve got to love football haven`t you?

What a rollercoaster. I think I`m slightly high from watching that! The first ten minutes, until Sheffield Wednesday scored, I thought we`d stroll it. They got a goal, we got a goal back and again, I thought we`ve got this. Then we fell apart. Cut to the end. An emphatic win. How? No idea. Do I care? Not really, 3 points is the be-all-and-end-all when scrapping at the top.

This was a crucial win, if we`d lost this one, without being overly dramatic, I think we could have waved bye-bye to the automatic dreams, largely because of the quality of the team we were playing and bearing in mind who we have to play still.

I`m buzzing. I don`t usually do silly articles like this after a game but why not, these are the moments you`ve got to laugh at and celebrate.

We are now still 3rd, 3 points ahead of Derby and – although they do have a game in hand – one point behind Cardiff.

And a bit of fun off twitter… Mystic Fear!?

I must say a well done to Sheffield Wednesday. That was an injury ravaged side. Watching the game, you`d never have told and every one of them looked like they were scrapping for a 1st team place. A lot of our fringe players don`t seem to do that when they get their chances do they?

Onward and upward. QPR next.

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I`m sorry. What just happened?


6 Replies to “I’m Sorry But… What Just Happened?”

  • Lucky win ideal result with that team selection and performance. As against PNE, we progressed when forced to put on more attacking options. Why don’t we start like that against an injury ravaged team, and everyone else for that matter?

  • My first thought as well POL. Where was O’Hare? The only plausible reason for not being in the squad is he was unwell. Also I know a lot of people are still euphoric about the result, but is nobody else seriously worried that we are getting to the pointy

  • Disagree with a few posts….we’ve lacked creativity in midfield recently and poke upfront. Can’t do too much about the midfield with our injuries so he went 2 upfront. Seems logical to me? And have we really changed the set up week after week? Bar injuri

  • Great game well worth the trip the reason Wednesday had chances was because we played a open game for a change much better for me always thought we were going to score

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