Date: 30th January 2018 at 2:17pm
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I thought we were done with Ross McCormack stories for a while.

Evidently not!

Quite bizarrely (or i think it`s bizarre, you might think otherwise, I`m not the thought police, you think as you want to.. phew!) Steve Bruce is quoted in The Brum Mail saying he`s given the striker two weeks holiday.

In January?

A holiday?


Well, yes, really… look!

“McCormack looks as if he`s come to an end at Melbourne. I`ve given him a couple of weeks off. He can`t go anywhere else because he`s played for two other clubs.”

Then, “When he comes back after having a couple of weeks off I`ll have a chat with him, see where he`s up to and we`ll go from there.”

Still sort of looks the end of the road, because Bruce admits he`d rather that Ross had stayed in Australia because “I think he`s benefited from playing. But he`ll come back in and we`ll see how he is.”

Asked if he would play him again, he answered: “You can never say never and I`ll never ever cut off my nose to spite my face, even though I`d like to at times. We`ll see what happens.’

Surely if he has just returned, having got fit over there, he should at the very least be training? Even if we don`t want to use him again, he`s an asset club value wise. And IF we got injuries, he`s an asset – needs must – we might have to call on?

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I put the case in Would You Give Ross McCormack Another Chance? that, IF Villa can`t buy a striker able to make an instant impact (and because of the FFP rules, we can`t) and IF we can`t loan someone (and lets be honest, most strikers capable of scoring from the get go are not loaned out) then can Villa really afford to keep spending upward of £12million only to not use players? We`ve blown so much money over the years it`s untrue.

I`m not saying let him walk straight back into the team, I`m just saying if Hogan – Paul McGrath forbid – picks up an injury, we can`t rely on Davis to shoot us to promotion. McCormack, if played right, could.

But then you have the flipside of the argument Why Ross McCormack Was A Bad Buy For Aston Villa


11 Replies to “In A Bizarre Villa Twist A Player Is Given Two Week Holiday!”

  • They say Melbourne is a lovely place to spend a couple of weeks on holiday this time of the year……

  • They say Melbourne is a lovely place to spend a couple of weeks on holiday this time of the year……

  • Give the yanks a chance to come and get him, then if no one comes, perhaps he will be so bored that he might come and have a look in at training. Wonder if any of the squad regard him as a mate?

  • It’s an attitude test, give him 2 weeks off and see if he takes them, or, if he turns around and says thanks but can I use my 2 weeks off training at Bodymoor because I am determined to prove myself at Villa and I need to improve my fitness?
    The latter i

  • Yet again nothing from Ross about wanting to prove a point and win his place back. All he’s said is how much he enjoyed his time in Australia and how he was looking forward to spending time with his kids. It doesn’t strike me as a player with the attitude

  • Clever stuff from Bruce. Doesn’t want him to be THE story, so says he has two weeks off. Will allow RM to have a serious think about his career and could be because the players don’t want him around either. Wish I was a fly on the wall and could let the t

  • Could well be Michael, or just Bruce wanting him at arms length, see what happens in the transfer window, assess how the fitness is of others then decide. (Or all the above!)

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