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Following: Ridiculous Post Match Hissy Fit From Steve Bruce revolutionatlast has sent in the following defence of Steve Bruce (important to note in my article I wasn`t calling for his head, I was having a go at the negative post match comments that – and some have missed this I think – criticised fans, the owner and the CEO for ‘hysteria`).

Over to revolutionatlast (with thanks for the article submission, always happy to take all opinions and views)

In defence of Bruce

I know this won’t be popular with many but I agree with Bruce’s comments about hysteria from the fans.

There I said it!

I know we shouldn’t be in the Championship but we are. I don’t think he’s perfect- I’ve been baffled by some decisions, I was really disappointed to see Baker go- he was doing better in the premiership than Clarke in my opinion and after a time on loan in the Championship, I thought he’d be ideal for us. But how many fans agree with everything their manager does?

I remember my bewilderment at Martin O’Neill repeatedly playing people out of position and thinking if he just played people in their position we’d get a champions league place. I remember wishing the club for years to buy a decent striker to finish off the good work or Ashley Young/Milner etc. But we sold them before we got Benteke….

We’ve tried proven, old managers (Houllier), young exciting managers (Paul lambert played exciting football before he came here and was forced to play boring football)…when experienced players haven’t performed, the fans have complained they don’t care and that we should play our youth. Then when our youth did get played – Clarke, Baker etc everyone laid into them for not being good enough!!

Guess what guys – our youth aren’t good enough! We may have a famed academy but in reality how many have made it? We sold Cahill to Bolton before he was really good, we sold Albrighton…what happened to all the hype around Gardner? We kept Gabby who had potential but became a striker who couldn’t score – sorry to say that I feel like I’m the only one drawing the same comparison with Davis – he works hard but isn’t a natural goalscorer so therefore really a luxury…

So back to Bruce. (also being discussed in The Steve Bruce forum thread )

He’s never set the world alight but he has a proven track record. Finally we have someone with a proven track record, someone who knows this league inside and out – which us lot don’t – and I’m convinced we as fans compound the problem. If we were Aston Villa from MON days and we’re suddenly here next season them sure boo and complain that it isn’t good enough. But actually this is our reality. We have fallen from grace. After years of wasteful management, poor investment, lack of infrastructure and a lack of patience, we are an above average championship team and lo, we’re in the top half of the table.

What difference is there between us and say Leeds? Nothing but time. We don’t have any more right to promotion than them. Chances are we won’t go up but if we don’t there’s better than Bruce. The last 8 years have been terrible because we’ve been short termist, because we’ve rushed. There isn’t really anyone with a better record than Bruce. I’ve heard people! say we should get Huddersfield’s David Wagner like he’d be that bothered about coming. That we should get the Wolves manager when he’s done nothing more yet than Tim Sherwood had. How long before he was hounded out? Too many of our fans act like we’re still a big club and compound the pressure. Yes we didn’t win in 5 or play well but sack the manager? Now? Where has that approach got us in the last 8 years? We’re going to have some ups and downs but if they guy who’s been promoted 4 times can’t get us out, who do you think can?

The grass is not always greener. I know this won’t be popular but it’s coming from a good place I promise!

Happy new year, UTV



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  • Sobering, it’s almost as if we should give up as we’re not good enough. With the money spent and the hype we get fed (Steve has himself hyped up promotion and is another to keep telling us all we are a big club, as does every new player in, owner, ceo et

  • How many months in and he still hasn’t developed a playing style / attacking system / football culture throughout the squad, meanwhile other managers at other clubs have and they have done it with much weaker talent at their disposal. The only thing posit

  • i was always worried about the short term-ism,,, and there are plenty of our former players who are now very decent championship players,,, and when bruce does get the chop in the summer and we hopefully appoint dean smith he will need time to build

  • Well written piece revolutionatlast, reflects most of my sentiments about the situation. The over reaction to dropped points and name calling towards Bruce, makes us sound like a bunch of spoilt kids. I do wish he wouldnt be so open in his interviews thou

  • To many fans act like we’re a big club?
    We are a big club, it takes more than dropping a league, and bad management to take that away from us, Glasgow Rangers were dropped to the bottom tier through bad management, you’re not telling me we ever thought

  • SB has done a brilliant job in stopping what was an alarming slide. However, the progress since then has been disappointing. We do need stability and I really do like Bruce as an honest manager. I really think we must give him his season and then reevalua

  • Generally agree with revolutionstlast. We fans are too impatient and we have no divine right to be at the top. That said, too much money has been wasted on unused & poor players – it still is being wasted – Gabby & Richards are just 2 examples. Th

  • He will last until the summer at least. The problem is, he brings the animosity on himself, using ill-onsidered terminology such as “crisis” and “mass hysteria”. No one seriously thinks we are in crisis, and no one is hysterical about anything. Most of us

  • Couple of problems with Bruce. One is that his promotions were in the past, and the Championship has changed remarkably even in just the last two or three years. You can see it in the race for the playoffs being even closer this year than last year. You n

  • It is obvious that what would help change minds of those who doubt Bruce, is a few good footballing performances, and a some decent wins against some of our main rivals. The Boro result hugely welcome, but whether you define that as a blip, or the Brentfo

  • Hey big dubs… Bruce has developed a playing style, specially for the first team…… it’s called slow/boring! Anyway, back to the article – I agree with aspects of what revolutionatlast says. Like his comments re Baker and MON for instance. However

  • Agree with some of the comments about the name calling. Also some do want him to fail and go, that’s not something I’ve got time for. I do think people are missing the point of his rant, it wasn’t necessarily at the fans, he said ‘at this club’… so on

  • Don’t necessarily agree with it all, but good read Revolution. However was there a spelling mistake when it came to Lambert being forced to play boring football or was it a subtle joke I’ve missed owing to my view of the man when he blew the best chance

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