Date: 4th March 2006 at 11:15am
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Vital Villa have a new poll and because of all the doom and gloom surrounding the club, I thought I would take the poll suggested by message board member Still-Skeggy which asks:

Which player has inspired Villa the most?

We’ve got some real gems here, the options are:

Inspirational captain Dennis Mortimer, tough centre forward Andy Gray, the man with the legendary shin Peter Withe, Paul ‘God’ McGrath, European hero Nigel Spinks and powerhouse midfielder David Platt.

Obviously, there are so many other Villa heroes, but we can only ask about so many! You can leave other players in the comments box if you so wish.


5 Replies to “Inspirational Villans?”

  • I’ve gone for Andy Gray for the simple fact he was my boyhood hero. I was inspired by him and when we played football as kids I always pretended to be him and wanted to be him. Andy Gray really started my fanaticism with Villa.

  • Has to be Mortimer the man is a great, an inspirational captain and a cracking player an absolute great.

  • Not quite sure what the question meant but went for Macca as you talk about Villa and great players and his name is always top of most lists. Oh and isn’t it Nigel Spink without the ‘s’?

  • They say that one man doesn’t make a team, but the arrival of Peter Withe from Newcastle United for a 500,000 pound price tag, went pretty damn close to proving that saying very wrong. His arrival turned the club from an average mid-table team into the Fo

  • I wonder what the percentage would be if we could swap { mcann for mortimer } baros for gray { phiillips for withe} and delaney for McGrath} 100% I would hope! but at todays price’s we would need around £70 million to buy those 4. another good question wo

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