Date: 5th May 2009 at 5:35pm
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Some interesting odds at Oddschecker related to Villa!

If you Click Here and then click football specials (left hand menu), you’ll see several.

There are odds for where Gareth Barry will be next season, Liverpool are favourites at 6/4 but we come in second at 5/2 followed by Arsenal at 9/2. Man Utd is 6/1 and Chelsea 10/1 with money bags Man City 12/1.

Interestingly Sky Bet have us as favourites to get Micah Richards (4/1) IF he moves from Man City (City is still favourite to keep him at 4/6).

Thank the good lord Paul McGrath we aren’t quoted as being in the race for football thug Joey Barton but we do feature for fellow Newcastle player, Michael Owen and stand at 14/1 behind Newcastle, Everton (5/1), Man City (8/1), Liverpool (10/1 despite Rafa saying no way) and Spurs (12/1).

Meanwhile you can get very long odds on Martin O’Neill being the next Chelsea manager (45/1) but he is high up in the list to take over at Manchester United (4/1 or 5/1 depending on who is quoting). Got to admit I’d be shocked if they took him but he is up there with Jose Mourinho and David Moyes. Naturally Sir Alex Chewalot has to step down first and he seems to be in no rush to leave Old Trafford.

Ha, there are even odds from Boylesports for the amount of points the Blues might get v Villa!


17 Replies to “Interesting Odds For Villa, Barry And MON”

  • some strange odds, glad we aren’t thought to be interested in Barton, dont want him at Villa! Richards I could see coming. Barry, up to him now maybe but also up to the right club to bid the right money? Liverpool still most likely but will rafa sell Alonso?

    As for MON, just age wise I can’t see him taking over from Fergie who will probably hang on a few more seasons unless maybe winning the CL again this year gives him the thought to go out on a high? Doubt it?! They’ll go for Mourinho, they should go for Moyes.

  • I’m hoping O’Neill ends up at OT, but like you, I think they’d be mad to appoint him. But then again, they are a ridiculous organisation. I have nightmares about O’Neill professing his undying loyalty to Randy Lerner.

  • Shut up Albarnista you really are a negative so and so. You are whars wrong with this football club fans like you, Mon has done a great job and improved every season, yes he has spent alot of money but that was needed to get into 5th/6th position, the top 4 is almost impossible to break due to the champions league money etc the only thing mon has failed is a good cup run or winning a cup. Just do one you plum. UP THE VILLA.

  • Barry’s odds to stay at Villa won’t stay long for long. Mainly because I’m going to lay big on them.

  • Barry’s odds to stay at Villa won’t stay long for long. Mainly because I’m going to lay big on them.

  • Lol at the losers picture! God, now he really does have something to complain about. L is for?

  • I would like to thank Villan444 for doing his own stalking. This is a picture I am both ashamed and proud of in equal measure. The MYspace site was a present to me on my 26th birthday from a couple of friends who (rightly) thought it would be hilarious to set up a spoof site. They did almost as good a job of sending me up as I do.

  • O’Neill wouldn’t last 5 minutes at Man Utd, bringing off Evra, moving Neville to left back, Ronaldo to right back, Berbatov to the right wing to accomodate Agbonlahor up front from the bench, its almost laughable. I think he has a few more things to achieve with Villa before he can be considered………

  • Fair play to Albarnista for not disappearing. I was trying to find out if you are a true fan or just a wind up merchant because some points that you put across are valid whereas your views on some things and MON aren’t the same as most posters and season ticket holders (even though you are entitled to your opinion.) At least all rumours that AVFC48 and you are the same person can be dismissed!!

  • Am I wrong or did we not have numerous chances against Hull with only Boaz Myhill being their MOM – with some great saves. It was only when Petrov went off and Barry was tiring that they took a level of control – then our defense was under intense pressure but kept them at bay – but to say we were /MON was negative beggars belief. I don’t know what people expect – a performance like Man United performed last night – get real – we are progressing and in the right direction. I bet (keeping with the theme of this thread) that if we maintain a top 5/6 finish next season (which I call consolidation) and progress compared to other years – then I wonder if these same people will still crticise and say we should have won the Champions league, FA Cup , carling cup, UEFA cup Premier league etc etc blah blah blah

  • You really are a geek Albarnista you have one of those faces people just want to punch, im suprised you have any friends to even set u up. UP THE VILLA.

  • good to see some people backing the Villa. I too am totally fed up of the tripe being written against MON and have not been on this forum for a couple of weeks because of it. Gabb y could have scored on Monday and Barry had an awsome pile-driver just tipped over by an even better save. Gabby needs confidence and support give it to him.

  • sorry this is off the thread guys but have to address the Albarnista rant. rewind your sky plus and watch O’Neil during the second half then come back on and admit you are wrong. I was, as usual, at the game and MON was constantly urging the players forward, encouraging the players the close down and press, and encouraging them to calm down in possession (if you’ve ever played the game you’ll recognise the arm signals).

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