Date: 20th April 2007 at 11:00am
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Vital Villa have been lucky enough to secure two great follow up interviews.

We are looking for questions to put to General Charles Krulak now he has had a full season at Villa. To ask questions please follow this link to the forum thread: Click Here

Sir Dennis Of Mortimer has also agreed to do a further interview with us in the lead up to the 25th anniversary of the 1982 winning team.

To have your questions put to Dennis Mortimer, either leave them in the article comments as below or in the same thread in the forum.

Previous interviews:

Dennis Mortimer – click here

General Charles Krulak – click here

(A further interview was also done by soon to depart Operations director Steve Stride: )

Any other former/current Villan’s willing to be interviewed, just press the envelope link at the top of the page by my editor details, I’ll be happy to set one up!!)


17 Replies to “Interview Mortimer + General K”

  • Question to Dennis. Who has been your favourite player at Villa since you left and why? Not including Sid of course as you played with him

  • For General K, When he took up the role, did he envisage that it would take up his time in the way it has, or that he would get so involved with the fans and the english game ?

  • general’s link is not working. Question for him: Is he surprised at the number of Prem clubs being bought up by overseas business people and will the arrival of the Americans at Liverpool, the potential sale of Man City, possible sale of Arsenal cause any changes to be made to Randy’s plans for the Villa? Also will the increase in wealthy owners lead to any down grading of future ambitions?

  • similar question to TuBBz but which Villa player since you left would you most liked to have played alongside?

  • Dennis…… where do you yourself see Villa in 5 years time ? Also, would you take a littel moment of your time on the day of the Sheffield United game for some photos with me and the Swindon and Wiltshire Villans Supporters Club ? We are trying to publicise our SC and would like some pictures to go on our website with you and some of the 82 side ? Any chance of helping us out mate ?

  • Question for The General. Getting away from VP by car is a “nightmare” and will certainly get worse as attendances increase. My pals and I either leave 10 minutes before the final whistle (which we all hate) or sit in the serpentine car park for at least 1/2 hour 30 before facing the traffic. One solution would be to buy a beer somewhere while the traffic is clearing, but where? Why can’t fans be allowed to stay and sit in the stadium for 30 minutes and not “evicted” by stewards as at present. If this was allowed it would also be civilised to buy a drink etc. Surely the “corporate” visitors can get refreshments after the game?

  • Dennis, is it not time now for you to be more involved at the villa. Experience is undervalued and I am sure you have some ideas that you could pass on. Now Ellis is gone it must be time for villa to utilise our past masters. Also what do you think of our latest signings.

  • Villacross. Cracking idea. It’s the same though when I’ve travelled around. I think for security they just like to keep everyone moving and have them in one place.. outside the ground. The police then ensure the flow of people away from the ground and into the car parks, train station etc. I actually stay to the end, walk a couple of mile to help beat some of the still traffic and then wait in the traffic listening to talk Sport. Seems part of the matchday experience.

  • Thoroughly enjoy the Q/A articles. One possibility for future consideration, Sid maybe? Did I miss the Paul ‘Aka’ Birch interview, or did that one never fly?

  • glensider, still waiting for answers from Paul Birch one, it was being done via a 3rd party so maybe they’ve not had the time.

  • villacross, that question is better put in the generals thread in our forum (top of 100% as a sticky). However I do know they are looking to address this and setting up Villa match days so you can have more time before and after the game, they are keen to make it a total match day experience and not just 90 mins. This comes from the top basically, so it is being looked into and will be done.

  • Dennis, could you give us a players view of what was going on when Gidman and Gray had meetings with Ellis which led to the EGM which thankfully he lost.I guess you might not want to answer that on here but perhaps you should write a book on your great career.

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