Date: 24th September 2009 at 10:25am
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The very cool Sasman from Vital Blackburn has been kind enough to answer some questions for us ahead of the away game at Ewood Park this weekend, our answers to them will be lovingly prepared later!

1) So how is Big Sam settling in and what do the fans make of him?

Frustrating is the word. Sam is one of those managers who knows exactly what he is doing, what he expects from his player’s and how to get the best out of his players. However, for the fans, it can be quiet frustrating! At the moment, we are deploying a 4-5-1 formation, which personally, I disagree with. However, Sam is working on blooding a few of our new signings, and long term injury player’s, so hopefully, all will be restored soon and we return to 2 up front.

2) What ambitions do you think Blackburn Rovers have league and cup wise?

At the start of the season, I predicted a 12th place finish, and so far, my prediction hasn’t changed. We are in a transition phase, with so many player’s leaving end of season, player’s coming in, and youth member’s getting their shot as deserved.

As for the cup’s we usually do pretty well, reaching quarter and semi finals. If we avoid a few of the big team’s early, we might be able to push on.

3) Attendances don’t seem too high at Ewood Park these days, fair comment? If so, why?

I question that. Our attendance’s have skyrocketed over the last season. With all the initiative’s Mr Williams and Co are putting into place, we are starting to get more of the locals and away fans making their way to Ewood Park. People really do have to remember at times how small of a club we are, and the location of Blackburn. Realistically, being in the top tier for so long is an achievement in it self when you look at the finance’s we have in comparison to others.

4) If you could have one of our players, who would it be and why?

For sentimental reason’s Brad Friedel and Warnock will always be welcome back in my eyes. However, I would love Agbonlahor leading our front line. We have not had a fast man up front who can finish in years!

5) Who’d you send our way in exchange?!

Jason Roberts. Please?

6) Who should Villa be wary of on Saturday and who worries you in the Villa side?

David Dunn. At the moment, Dunny is turning it on. It’s like watching the Dunn of old, pre-injuries. He is our most creative player, has an eye for goal, and really takes control in the midfield. I’m actually most worried about the Ex Rovers. Ex Rover’s always have top notch games against us! Hoping we can shut down Warnock on the counter, and Bradder’s does make some errors!

7) Mixed start to the season for you, where do you expect to finish the season, you got any worries of being dragged into a relegation fight this year?

With the experience of Allardyce, i don’t think we will be involved in a relegation battle. However, we have a real tough run coming up. Mid Table at best, with a nice cup run. As I mentioned earlier, we are in a transition phase, so finger’s crossed we keep our status for another season with the likes of Kalinic, Jones, Doran, Nzoni and Co pressing for first team spots.

8) Go on then, lets have your prediction

We cant score, and we are leaking goals, so I do have my worries. However, with the draw giving us 3 out of the top 4 teams from last year in the coming weeks, I’m sure Sam will have the boys firing. 2-1 to the Rovers!

Best of luck lads!

With thanks to sasman from