Date: 17th May 2012 at 11:04am
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I thought I’d get the inside scoop from Worbo from Vital Wigan… here we go:

1) So, links to Roberto Martinez again. What is the general feeling at Wigan amongst fans?

To be honest we are more worried about the links to Liverpool than Villa, with all due respect to Villa he turned the chance down last season and that gives Latics fans hope that he`d do the same again, but Liverpool is a totally different situation, he admires them and I believe he`d be very tempted with a move to Anfield

2) I know you are a big fan, others seemed to lose patience with him midway through the season. Where are the thoughts now after the impressive fight back to stave off relegation?

The support is 100% behind him, I admit that I was/am one of his more vociferous disciples and I preach the word Martinez to anyone who`ll care to listen, but sitting bottom of the league and a set of daunting fixtures on the horizon did have one or two questioning the gaffers credentials, but we are a small club and getting the right players in takes time, we`d chased Beausejour all summer but only caught him in January, he fits our system perfectly and Shaun Maloney took half a season to get up to speed, but they were the two pieces of the jig-saw that made the team fall into place

Martinez has two catch phrases for the fans, keep the faith and believe

3) He wouldn`t go back on the word he`d given Whelan last season (ie about staying) which I thought was noble but some Villa fans saw as him turning us down (he only turned down the chance to talk, not the job) … Do you think he`d turn down an approach this time around?

I do, I feel his vision for the Latics is just starting to see the light of day, its taken two and a half years for this to come to fruition, hard graft and one or two tears, but the way we are playing, with the quality and belief, it would be hard for him to turn his back on at this moment in time, though as previously said Liverpool would be a different kettle of fish

4) Dave Whelan is quoted in the press saying he wouldn`t stand in his way. Surely he`d have been better keeping quiet as it almost looks like an invitation?

Whelan does have trouble keeping his mouth shut, but again I think most Premier League clubs know that we are a selling club, we know we are, we need to be to compete financially, that selling includes the gaffer as well as the players, but also we do have form for allowing players/managers to leave when they want to rather than keep them unhappily at the club

5) Ok, pretend (!) you are trying to convince us why we SHOULD have him. Tell us his best qualities and what style etc.

Where to start?

The man himself, you wouldn`t meet a more honest guy, he is a gentleman, always as time for the fans, he understands them, polite, kind and nothing is ever too much trouble for him where the supporters are concerned

Coaching abilities and football ideas, it is easy to see why he is so highly regarded in the football world, the way we play is a joy to watch, in the recent game against Newcastle we`d raced into a 4-0 half-time lead, the second half Newcastle came out all guns blazing, we simply took the ball off them and wouldn`t allow them to get it back, it was brilliant to watch, speaking to Gary Caldwell (club captain) it`s something they practice relentlessly in training

He knows what he wants and he sets out to get it, I was going to say single minded but that`s more of a putdown than compliment, he knows his way is the way forward and he sticks to his principles even when things don`t appear to be going well, he takes the good points and builds on them, the progress this season as been mindboggling, every game we have built on the performances of the past ones

He is a man of his word

6) Can you see him being tempted with a bigger budget, larger ground/history and also the second to none training facilities (not blowing our own trumpet here, just fact, it is amazing training ground now!)

Yes, but I don`t think just yet, he is a Latics fan, he genuinely loves our club like the rest of the fans do, with regard to his own situation when pressed he always says that he will do what`s best for Wigan Athletic and I believe him on that, if he were to go now before the current team as realised its potential under him, well I don`t feel that would be the best for Wigan Atheltic

7) Would you have any warnings about lesser qualities? ie some Villa fans fear he only seems to get the team fully awake and winning later in a season plus he hasn`t dealt with a larger player budget or so many ‘stars` really? That said, he did get the best out of N`Zogbia who was awful for us last season under McLeish.

No, perhaps a lack of experience but everything that`s been put in front of him so far he`s handled fantastically well. Don`t worry about our slow starts, we are a small club with a small squad, it`s taken a while for him to get his players in, mainly down to the fact he`s had to wheel and deal, a larger transfer budget would allow this to happen much sooner. As for the stars, he allows players to express themselves, why ever Charlie signed for McLeish I couldn`t understand, you only had to look at the football Birmingham played to realise what was coming, the players at Wigan love playing for Martinez and whichever club he ends up at I cant see that changing

Thanks to Worbo.

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