Date: 17th March 2010 at 7:10pm
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Our interview with the Vital Wolves ed ahead of this Saturday’s clash. (Tickets still available, see: Local Derby On Saturday – Get Down And Support?!

1) So how is the season so far, position as expected or did you dream of more?

I`m very content. If this position was offered at the start of the season I would have took it. Following the win over Burnley we are now three points clear of the drop. A few more wins and we could be safe.

2) There seem a good few moans in the phone ins about Mick McCarthy, is that fair when he got you promoted?

No not really, but it’s modern day football. We had a few moans coming into Vital Wolves as well. We even ran a poll and the majority wanted him out. Especially after the defeat to Birmingham during the early part of the season. Perhaps he took his time to learn who worked best for us in the Premier League, but he seems a lot more settled on a side now and despite only losing most games we`ve looked better and that was then rewarded with the win over Burnley.

3) You guys staying up then, how does your run in look? Who do you think are going down?

I think so. I`m a lot more confident now that Mick is sticking with the same formation and set of players. We need to be hard to break down when we don’t score many.

The run in looks ok. It’s in our hands. We play West Ham, Portsmouth and Sunderland, win those three and I think we`ll be fine.

4) Who do you think will win the title?

I`ve favoured Manchester United throughout the season and I`ll stick with them.

5) And more pertinent to Villa, who do you think will finish 4th (and who would you LIKE to finish 4th?)

Well I certainly wouldn’t LIKE Villa to take it! I`m not fussed who gets it, but I think Manchester City will break the top four this season.

6) Who in your team should Villa be wary of?

Kevin Doyle, works tirelessly up front.

7) Who are you wary of in our team?

James Milner, been in impressive form this season.

8) If you could have one of our players who would it be and why?

I`d go with Gabby, blistering pace and knows where the net is. Always a good combination!

9) Go on then, lets have your prediction kind sir!

Not confident, think you`ll take it by a single goal.

My ever so expert co-ed YJ’s opinions on Vital Wolves, be warned he had a headache and said he was grumpy when he wrote it! lol

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