Date: 20th November 2006 at 10:22am
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Following on from our interviews with Dennis Mortimer and General Charles Krulak, as well as our in the pipeline interview with Paul Birch, Vital Villa has lined up operations director Steve Stride to answer your questions.

Simply leave your questions in the article comments box below or ask away in the forum thread.

Out of respect for this site and also for Steve who has kindly agreed to do this, can I ask you to be fair in your questions please!

Details on Steve from Wikepedia:

Steve Stride is currently Operations Director of Aston Villa, having been employed at the club since 1972.

Originally recruited as an admin assistant, Stride quickly rose through the ranks at Villa Park, spending a lengthy time as Club Secretary before being elected to the board in 1997. To mark 25 years at the club, Stride released the book ‘Stride inside the Villa’, chronicling his time at the club.

In the Summer of 2005, Stride was responsible for the running of the club when Doug Ellis was recovering from a Heart Bypass operation.

In September 2006, Stride became the only existing Aston Villa Director to be part of Randy Lerner’s new board following the American Billionaire’s takeover of the club.


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  • How is life different for you under the new regime?

    What do the new board changes mean for you?

    Will you be heading the transfer dealings in January?

    Are you still in touch with DoL? (Whoever he is!)

  • In the past both yourself and HDE have come in for a lot of stick, have there been times where you have been tempted to walk away and did you feel the criticism was fair?

  • Fans seem to have vented some of their frustrations over the Ellis era on you. Guilty by association is probably the phrase that best sums it up. It is apparent that the new owners are bringing in the ideas that fans have been crying out for. However you

  • LOL at voiceoftheholte, be interesting to see if Fear puts those questions to him 🙂

    Steve you have obviously been at Villa for a long time, during that period which players have you enjoyed watching the most?

  • Was renaming The Witton Lane stand after Doug really decided by the board, as a surprise for Doug? Or was the only surprise yours? How fast can you rename the stand? Are you glad Ellis no longer runs the club? How do you feel now that the long overdue

  • Steve, what are the biggest differences between the way the Americans conduct business to the way us Brits do. What are the biggest lessons you have learnt in your short time working for Randy?

  • Steve, there is a common opinion amongst the fans that Bruce Langham was doing a good job, and had some very positive ideas. Is this true and was his dismisal extremely unfair? Or was he really just bad at his job?

  • What are your views on Martin O’Neill? Who really appointed him- was it Ellis or did the new board pick him? Did he have assurances that Ellis would be selling before he agreed to become our manager? Bit unfair voiceoftheholte…the guy has agreed to answ

  • Crosswesleyandchapel, that is what I tried to say, but I used to many words. I think you have knocked the nail on the head. Geordie ….. I believe Stride desreves both barrels. He was more interested in saving his job and cuddling up to Ellis instead of

  • How can you compere Doug to Hitler, at least Adolf was honest what his intentions were. Anyway Mr Stride do you believe Mr Lerner is here for the long haul or to make a few $$$?

  • Hardly a fair comparison voiceoftheholte. I agree that Stride didn’t cover himself in glory during the Ellis regime, but who did?! He is part of the new board now, so Mr. Lerner obviously feels he has something he can offer the club. Fair enough to ask hi

  • Do you feel with your experience of UK soccer and Aston Villa, you can still offer the new management something worthwhile to the Villa cause?

  • TheQ. LOL fella. Geordie … it is not a personal attack. The questions I mentioned are questions that I want answered, or are we only allowed to ask ‘nice’ questions. That smacks of the Ellis regime. As an ‘ex-shareholder’, who has witnessed his contribu

  • “The sooner everybodys cup is half full, rather than half empty, the sooner VP will be the positive, vibrant place, most of us (I can’t talk for the moaning, whingeing, miserable old gits that still infest our club) want.” VOTH- are you not doing the same

  • I disagree again Geordie. Whilst Stride is their, some of the Ellis regime remains. I make no excuses for hoping that he is used for some of the knowledge and contacts he has built over the last 32 years, and then shown the door. Having him removed IMHO w

  • On a scale of 1 to 10…..1 being free transfers and 10 is signing ronaldinho, what will be our ambition in the transfer market in January?

  • Just have to agree to disagree on this one voiceoftheholte, although I do see your point and I understand where you are coming from. I just think, considering all the experience on the board, if he was that attached to the previous regime, Randy would hav

  • Given that there are no ‘football men’ on the board with experience of transacting football transfers and running a Premiership club, I think Steve Stride is most necessary. To have pushed him out would have been a classic case of throwing the baby out w

  • I am not a fan Steve. On the contrary I believe you should have walked by now, if only out of respect to the supporters of AVFC. I suppose I can understand Mr Lerners decision to keep you at Villa Park to assist in the transition from the old regime to th

  • How did you get on with a complete and utter liar for so long? I know if it was me i would of told him to feck off a long time ago. And i agree with Deanovilla comments about Bruce Langham he seemed to be doing a good job then just like that he’s gone so

  • Some interesting questions, I’ll put anything that isn’t personal to him as Steve is more than capable of talking for himself and can obviously choose what he doesn’t want to answer. I don’t think we have said you should ask just ‘nice’ questions but for

  • It will be very interesting to see how he responds, if indeed he decides to respond, to some of the questions and accusations directed at him. I just believe and feel that he has a lot to answer for, but I’m more than willing to listen to and evaluate any

  • So it seems most of us agree then. Make use of his knowledge and contacts ….. and then get rid. And I do not believe because he was an employee that makes any difference. I would make an employer aware of issues and if they were not acted upon then I wo

  • MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm old stevie boy doesn’t seem to have many fans, Fear I understand your point regarding him been an employee, and this is one of those rare occasions when I actually disagree IN PART with voth, I do not know Smithers financial or family situ

  • Well I don’t think that Steve Stride is stupid and I suspect he knows his association with the old regime would attract criticism. But to answer questions in this manner has to be applauded. He didn’t have to. However, I cannot see anything but diploma

  • Forget about Steve’s association with Ellis, we can’t all choose who we work for. Steve has my greatest respect. I can remember how he helped and supported Alan Instone at B’ham City, whilst Alan was recovering from a serious illness. He has been a loyal

  • Ask Steve if he is just a “yes” man. If he says no then ask how he managed to keep his job for so long. Surely if he had stood up to Doug he would have not remained at VP for as long as he has.

  • Thanks for the questions chaps, that will be more than enough as we’ve got some good ones in the forum as well.

  • Steve , what is different about the job you are doing now and to the job you were doing whilst Doug was in charge, who agreed the transfer fee for bosko balaban and which scout went to see him play ???/

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