Date: 25th March 2006 at 12:17pm
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In The Sun today they say ‘O’Leary insists he would be more than happy to attend any fans’ forums “if invited” he insists he won’t get “bogged down” by his critics.’

The Aston Villa Shareholders Association invited Mr David O’Leary to do a forum for them. He refused. The letter, dated 16th December 2004 clearly states that he had been approached by others as well and was ‘steadfast’ in his decision to attend none of them.

So, maybe we could once again extend our invitation to Mr O’Leary. I will email Tom Ross, see if he will ask once again, and maybe with members of the Aston Villa Shareholders Association, Villa Fans Combined and hopefully the Aston Villa Supporters Trust, we can have one large fans forum for Mr O’Leary to attend. One night wouldn’t be too much to ask surely? I will also pass this on to Mr Phil Mepham, the Media and Communications surpremo at Villa.


6 Replies to “Invitation To Mr O’Leary”

  • Well Tom Ross is willing host one in association with the Shareholders and VFC, so it is over to DOL really.

  • I wouldnt fancy the chances of his agreeing to it, but would love to hear his ansers to the grilling he would get, especially with Tom Ross hosting as I get the impression Tom isnt too keen on Mr O’Leary for some reason.

  • O’Leary has no excuse either as apparently he reads and responds to all Villa Fans Mail!! I bet this one gets turfed in the bin!! If we lose Baros at the end of the season we’re going to be a laughing stock. We are a 2-bit team consisting currently of 2 f

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