Date: 31st July 2006 at 5:41pm
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There are a few whispers coming out of the club that a new manager is set to be announced. Ok, I’d have looked at that and thought when weren’t there whispers coming out of the club?

However, I just went to Bet Square to see the latest odds for the new Villa manager and what did I see?

By all the names it says, betting closed. The other sites seem to still be taking bets and as I’m not really a gambling man, I might be wrong, but surely if you suspend all bets, it is because you know something?!


The press association are suggesting that Martin O┬┤Neill could be coming before the takeover happens and I’ve certainly heard a few other whispers about that, but lets face it, these things are more often than not just rumours with little foundation.

Then, just to add more confusion to the picture, AV06, a group led by Nicholas Padfield QC who are interested in buying Villa, have said if O’Neill is appointed, they will be off to pastures new as they want to bring in their own management team.

They are said to be looking to appoint Danish legends Michael Laudrup and John Jensen.

Bill Howell’s report quotes an AV06 source: ‘We have heard that Martin O’Neill has been identified by Villa and if that is the case, we will withdraw from the running. We have our own management structure in place and will go elsewhere.’

Interesting times! Seems the Bodymoor whispers are suggesting a new man is about to come in. Could all be pie in the sky though, I’m not claiming any knowledge on this, so don’t shoot the messenger!

If O’Neill is coming in, that must surely mean that Doug is on his way out, O’Neill wouldn’t be daft enough to lumber himself with Ellis as a chairman, not long term.


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  • Don’t get me wrong, it is only bet square at the moment, what with the whispers etc, I thought it was interesting, but nothing is ever clear at Villa, could all be wrong. Interesting the one group are looking at a different management team though!

  • I am genuinely excited! Wonder what Michael Laudrup and John Jensen can bring to the table. I have no idea. What we do know is that with MON we get a motivator and somebody that will make the best of the current squad. Interesting because all that I h

  • The one ray of hope in all this is that MO’N hasn’t actually denied any interest in managing Villa, which surely he would have done, if only to get the press off his back. But why on earth would AV06 want Laudrup and Jensen over O’Neil? Baffling.

  • Again a lot of speculation, but to me this is insane. As much as I want MON as the manager why would you appoint a manager before the buyer. I think it is another ploy to quite down the fans.

  • Last time betting was suspended on something to do with Villa it was Baros and that turned out to be true so maybe this story has a bit of mileage

  • the betting has been closed on bet 365 also. Announcement tonight maybe ? Come on MON !!!

  • can anyone post the link for the sites which say the betting is closed please, as i can not find where it says it on any websites

  • I’ve got close ties to Denmark and it seems Danish money is playing a part in the AV06 bid, hence Laudrup and Jensen. Other whispers seem to indicate that the Still bid is now the frontrunner, subject to Lerner showing his true hand. MON would be a great

  • You can still place a bet with Betfair where O’Neils price has tumbled to 5/6.

    Interestingly Neil Warnock is now 2nd favourite at 7/1

  • Sorry folks this just gets worse. Souness will be announced tommorrow. This source is usually pretty reliable.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I loathe Souness…just passing on what I heard..and it has some substance.

  • well qKing you can get 35/1 on Betfair for Souness so if you believe your source, pile in and maybe you could buy the club!!! Unless you are talking poo ofcourse?

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