Date: 2nd June 2009 at 3:34pm
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Just wondering is Gareth Barry so wrong in talking to other clubs and looking to move?

Would no one look at Barry and say he is doing the right thing for his own career?

a) loads of money… why is he different to us wanting to make as much as he can in his career?
b) Man City will throw money at the league like Chelsea did and will no doubt bring in quality players
c) Does he get on that well with MON? Rumours are always around that MON is a difficult character to get along with and … no, not spreading rumours!
d) did I mention loads of money?
e) he wanted to play in Europe, what happened when Villa got into Europe this season?
f) world class players talked about at Villa. How many have come in the last 3 years?
g) Jan transfer window when we were riding high what did we do?
h) Last summers transfer window, did that impress him as much as some of us? I know others were impressed but at the end of the day, where did we finish?
i) He did as promised, didn’t talk to anyone through last season, got his head down and performed again and is now looking at his future. So why shouldn’t he go and talk to Man City – doesn’t mean he’ll move there but on balance money/ambition/players being bought ??? Hmmm.
j) Barry is an employee, he isn’t a fan. WE are the fans, players come and go
k) 11 years service, maybe he just wants a fresh challenge?
l) He could see out his contract, make more money and lose us a fortune but isn’t looking to do that?

I’d be gutted to see him go anywhere, I’d not expected him to be talking to Manchester City and did think the club would say no to any club other than a top four side but at the end of the day, no player is bigger than the club. Yes, it gives us an uphill struggle as we also have to replace the fantastic Martin Laursen but after 11 years of winning nothing, is Barry so wrong?


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  • No not wrong for wanting more money…just wrong in telling porkies to the fans as he did!

  • what porkies though? He didn’t say he wouldn’t move, just that he wouldn’t talk about contracts until the end of the season when he saw what his options were and where Villa were.

  • To be fair we don’t know that he does want to move, at least not to Citeh. All we know is that he is in talks, well so was Kaka.

  • Dont know how i feel on this one, gutted that he may be going to man city, but could understand the reasons why, ie money top quality players etc, but just thought that Barry was better than the average player in that he had better principles and wasnt ruled by money, thought he loved the Villa and would only leave to play in the champions league. The key 4 me now though is Mon and this summers tranfers, think this will be make or break time. UP THE VILLA

  • I think you are spot on. Yes, i can understand the fans dissapointment, but he is correct in thinking for himself & his family first.

  • I can’t understand it. He doesn’t need the money…KAKA deal was an example of a footballer showing other players that there’s more than money too the game!! Barry could contradict that and leave a lot of players seeking the sort of money that Citeh will squander.
    There should be salery caps bought in and now. This is becoming a jooooooak!!

  • ok we may not be in europe next year, so MH is building his squad to make a better job of it than this time round, and barry COULD be 1 off many new signings at city. and as for squandering money aka’kakagate’ why is it only the so-called big4 only allowed to go for top quality players to improve their teams?no-one said anything when liverpool were signing torresfor 30mill manyoo signing rooney, ferdinand,for 30+million…. but city come into money are ruinin football as we know it… come on lets get real here…

  • After giving it much thought, i think if he wants to go, let him go. 11 years and a new challenge for him. A new challenge for someone else to step into his position too. We definately need to buy someone who can at least compete in the same manner that Barry has over the last few years. The only down side is losing 2 captains in one season. Laursen is going to be the difficult one to replace, not Barry. We need a goal scorer in midfield, not a penalty taker from midfield. Lets all try to remain postive though MON is a good manager and i’m sure he has a plan up his sleeve.

  • Yea I hope he has a massive plan up his sleeve, as the past has shown, we dont compete that well in the transfer market. We also do have th inhability to recruit in time in Key positions in the starting 11. Whats the bets we wont have replaced ;Laursen or Barry by the big kickoff. I really do hope I am wrong but this was not the exciting summer I was expecting.

  • Fear : normally agree with you but I think our problem with this situation is (responding to your points)
    A – he’s already a multi millionairre
    B – Man City will be like Chelski and be kids in a sweet shop, get too many players resulting in a ‘Rotation’ and less 1st team time
    C – So Mark Hughes is an easier guy to get along with than Martin O’Neill ?
    D – He could stay at Villa get a pay rise and a testimonial
    E – Ok – I’ll give you this one
    F – Carew, Ashley Young & potentially others like Milner
    G – Did someone make an offer ?
    H – He went about it totally the wrong way last summer by airing dirty laundry in public saying we hadnt tried to keep him
    I – Suddenly the Champions league doesnt seem to be his motivation
    J – There right and wrong ways to go about things
    K – Fresh challenge or new Bugati Veron ?
    L – I really dont think what we will make out of it comes into his thinking !

  • I think 12 mil is a good bit od business and we can get a very suitable replacement. Its a shame he is leaving but 12 million is a tidy sum for 12 months left on a contract and we will end up the winner….I hope

  • as far as im concerned the lad has given us years of his life and been a model professional especially this season so as much as i would hate it if we lose him but i wont hold a grudge against one of Villas most loyal players in history, this lad should be treated like a hero seeking new pastures to save instead of a traitor fleeing a crime scene.

    good luck Bazza what ever you choose

  • lol, sorry for the spaces and thanks for the E!!! To space you need to put html in. eg < br> but without the space after the < and before the br> and to close you do < /br> (again without the space.

  • I for one don’t want to see him (Barry) at Villa park next season, he was on his way to Pompey before MON came aboard, Liverpool last summer citeh now, lets just ship him out to he highest bidder and bring a flair player in and play gardner more. I think this is Craigs chance to step it up and realise his potential.

  • F#@k Barry. Totally agree with VillaSlice. We need alot more goals from midfield and alot more creativity to give Ash a break. Ill be glad to see the back of him. He lost interest in the mighty villa time ago. Barry bulls#@t

  • I’m all for this deal. Bye bye Barry, Now our name won?t be in the papers every time Barry’s name is in the paper. Thank god. Xabiiiiiiiii. I do feel for you guys though, I didn’t want him to come to Liverpool last season either as I thought he should have stayed there like Garrard stayed with us after Chelsea offered him more money. Plus I?m not sure what MON is thinking, why would you sell to one of your rivals? Next year you guys will be hoping to break into the top4 along with Spurs, Everton and City so why sell to one of them or even Liverpool? O well money talks, everything else is bulls**t I guess.

  • my (himble) opinion, as a pompey fan, is that yes, he is very wrong in wanting a move. He has been your iconic captain. the man leading pluck villa on there charge to displace one of the mighty top 4 from the champions league. he could have been a legend. instead, he chooses to have a bit more cash.

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